Sadhguru -next time you’re angry - know you’re stupid

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 29, 2017
  • -people always trying to divide the world.
    -is there ever a time to be angry?
    -If you are out of rage, you’re one of us
    -when you’re angry, literally you’re generating poison in the system.
    -is anger an intelligent expression of human life or an idiotic expression of human life?
    -angry means stupid

    -next time you’re angry-know you’re stupid
    with English subtitles (@For many people its the way to better understand the teachings, with great love #OnePath @)

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  • arlrmr


     3 days ago +1

    Doolittle, you dumdum, don't invite Sadhguru and lecture him. Keep quiet and listen.

  • petra berger

    petra berger

     8 days ago

    I am not sure the asker understands at all. What a waste

  • xochil kali

    xochil kali

     8 days ago

    LMFAOO i can feel his frustration every time this arrogant ass westerner speaks. the inhalation LOOOL

  • jason triplett

    jason triplett

     8 days ago

    So what are the 3 questions...?

  • B Perez

    B Perez

     8 days ago

    The guy asking the questions was a horrible interviewer. “What I actually wanna talk about is this” stfu and let the man express himself. What an embarrassment

  • Jessica Ruth

    Jessica Ruth

     10 days ago +1

    If you're angry, it doesn't mean you're stupid. You have every right to feel angry, it's an emotion and we have it for a reason
    Edit: I only read the title and haven't watched the video

  • Kelly McGowan

    Kelly McGowan

     12 days ago

    If Doolittle is referring to Jesus’s life as a struggle against injustice, he is sadly mistaken in his fundamental understanding of his messages! Wow, 180degrees out of sync. JC’s message was an inner message

  • boing bryan

    boing bryan

     12 days ago

    Tq sadhguru...

  • Ana .Barbosa

    Ana .Barbosa

     13 days ago

    These are very beautifull words but they don't apply in real life.

  • Terry Wall

    Terry Wall

     13 days ago

    I completely disagree anger is just an emotion just like any other judging your emotions as being stupid is psyhocolgy

  • friend peace

    friend peace

     15 days ago +3


  • Aleks


     16 days ago

    Why $tupid? Look all around you and you thing people are stupid why they care about other people ?

  • Manjl Martinez

    Manjl Martinez

     17 days ago

    Love it

  • Manjl Martinez

    Manjl Martinez

     17 days ago

    So much positivity

  • Mute Gabriel

    Mute Gabriel

     19 days ago

    Thank you Sadhguro.🙏I plan not to color my hair so that I be like you.If I can dare not to color it.😅All your words helps my life to change and become a good human being in this planet.🙏🌹❤️

  • Mute Gabriel

    Mute Gabriel

     19 days ago


  • Lyena Atonyicq

    Lyena Atonyicq

     19 days ago

    Just like he rejects astrology and other predetermined aspects he doesn't get the healing power of anger and its place in the human life.If anger arose we must welcome it acknowledge and treat it not call it stupidity.

  • Wine Navarro

    Wine Navarro

     19 days ago

    Belief gives you Confidence without clarity..and belief without clarity is a disaster in this planet! Very true!

  • next20yrs


     20 days ago

    Thank you Dr. Doolittle. You were my test today.

  • Miguel Poissonbruler

    Miguel Poissonbruler

     20 days ago

    Stupid ass white liberal questions.