Spy Kids 4 - Trailer

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 3, 2012
  • Marissa Cortez Wilson has it all. She's married to a famous television reporter, has a new baby and intelligent twin step kids. However, her world turns upside down when the Timekeeper threatens to take over the planet and she is called back into action by the OSS. Her twins, Rebecca and Cecil, leap into action when they learn of their boring step mum's secret past. Now, the world's most competitive ten-year-olds are forced to put their bickering aside and rely on their wits, with a little help from a couple of familiar Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/yWWOrCE1MR8


  • KeepMyNameOutYoMouf

     1 years ago

    1:11 the most corniest thing Juni said lol

  • ChrisManley1994

     1 years ago

    After Spy Kids 3 it was only gonna get worse and................well

  • Joshua Jarvis

     2 months ago

    ChrisManley1994 TV'S cgxt ghee dh3 joshua up gun Johua joshua syrup Dr's syn wo42 840 devs

  • Kyle Edgecomb

     1 years ago

    The only good parts of the movie are with Carmen and Juni, they may not be kids but I'm sure they would have held the movie on their own very well. Its how it should have been

  • Ricky Ortiz

     3 months ago

    kylephantom4 they could make their own movies again and probably call it “Grown Spies” or something like that... I wish

  • Christian Johansen

     1 years ago

    I am starting to question my entire existence

  • Christhopher Cruzflores

     2 years ago

    After you realize Jessica alba as on a rated r movie whit the same universe

  • Gina Leahy

     1 years ago

    Dimension Films Dune Entertainment Troublemaker Studios Laurence Mark Productions

  • saket shelke

     2 years ago

    this is soooooo bad tbh 😐🙁

  • Cole Sanchez

     9 months ago


  • Jiun Julielle

     1 years ago


  • Fathimah Shifa

     3 years ago

    Wow the dog is perfect pet inthe world

  • rubelia rodruiguez

     2 years ago

    Fathimah Shifa

  • S'MAX

     1 years ago

    pure film laxatif,1 et 2 potable, 3 sans plus mais 4 au max du WTF,de la pure cheat en bare


     1 years ago

    S'MAX whaaaat?