How a warmer Arctic could intensify extreme weather

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • Is there a link between the vanishing Arctic sea ice and extreme weather?

    Some prominent climate researchers think so. That’s because warming temperatures in the Arctic are altering the behavior of the polar jet stream, a high-altitude river of air that drives weather patterns across the globe. As the winds that propel the jet stream weaken, storms, droughts, and extreme heat and cold move over continents at slower rates, meaning bad weather can stick around for longer.

    Eli Kintisch reports aboard the Norwegian research vessel Helmer Hanssen about how changing conditions at the top of the world could be impacting weather far away.

    This video is part 2 of a three-part series on the changing Arctic.
    Part 1 -
    Part 3 -

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  • jeeveso

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Build a wall and make the arctic pay for it

  • Shantanu Jare

     (Apr 22, 2018)

    Let Trudeau build the wall

  • Shantanu Jare

     (Apr 22, 2018)

    😂🤣😂 Lol .Let Trump make it.

  • Demodog

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    The fact that's there's a great amount of people who think global warming is bs is outstanding. Evidence is right there in front of our faces and people just overlook it

  • Bock Keat

     (Nov 28, 2018)

    American is now full of climate deniers and that is pretty scarier. It just shows how so many people are so easily deceived.

  • Josef K

     (Apr 20, 2018)

    AlM NlOlS Work on improving your investigating skills or you embarrass yourself by using these arguments. Did you check the link to the paper? Tell me what it says.

  • Jack Jowett

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    When you’re early on a Vox video.“This comment section doesn’t seem so bad”

  • SS Officer of the Third Reich

     (May 24, 2018)

    u r? grammar ffs

  • evil nazi

     (Apr 18, 2018)

    u r mother dosnt look bad either

  • Harrison Vongsay

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Well it’s winter in April right now in Canada Ontario

  • şaî :ļ

     (Mar 16, 2019)

    +Lapis Loaf hello from the future, the weather is not bad, although last month was really icy , they cancelled school! But the winters are normal if i do say so myself.

  • Barabbas Haifa Militia Israel

     (Jan 15, 2019)

    Israel to and Syria had snow and record cold even though the climate clowns blamed the war on global warming, , it's all $$, and as long as that is the case global warming will be spouted in people's faces even if the ice caps extend to the equator

  • Crepuscular Night

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Be prepared for commenters who subscribed to this channel, simply to say everything is fake. Apparently these people know more about the weather than 97% of climate experts because they watched some very unbiased youtube videos.

  • Alexander Hessler

     (Apr 19, 2018)

    AlM NlOlS Also I do look at the other side fairly frequently to get both perspectives, but what I find is that what they are saying is either misleading or flat-out false. Not claiming to be an expert or anything, but I have worked at WWF and been advocating for the climate since I was in 5th grade, so I am pretty read up on this.Here is one of many, many articles showing humans cause climate change. If you don't like it, literally Google "evidence humans cause climate change" and I guarant...

  • Alexander Hessler

     (Apr 19, 2018)

    AlM NlOlS I was simply thanking him for saying what I wanted to say, I couldnt have said it better myself. Also you maybe shouldn't be talking about credible sources, one of yours was literally contradictory to what you were saying.

  • Nick C

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Americans will be freezing to death in Miami, dying of heat stroke in Anchorage, and still chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!”, oblivious to the proverbial pistol they’ve pointed at their heads.

  • Firstname Lastname

     (Dec 5, 2018)

    Those who chant "Clinton! Clinton! Clinton!" are extremely under educated. Emission of CO2 to the atmosphere by human civilization is only a small portion of total emission of CO2. But how they can know that? They're busy chanting "Clinton!" One good volcano eruption can change the climate for months, e.g. eruption of Pinatubo volcano. Don't listen to politicians.

  • Bestoink Dooley

     (Apr 24, 2018)

    Anthony Heflin- It's evident from reading your ignorant comments you know little about this.

  • Ebin Nisti

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    congratulations, America. You just played yourself

  • Dean Bodnar

     (Apr 30, 2018)

    You can't change that which is unchangeable, you can only adjust and adapt. Focus on what you can do to get through this phase of earths evolution.

  • I would have been your daddy

     (Apr 23, 2018)

    I love that the counter argument for all of you is "look at China, we aren't the worst, we are the 2nd worst"

  • T.C.G.

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    The day after tomorrow is becoming a reality but with mixed weather around the world

  • Samantha burford

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    ThatCrazyMexicanBoii no

  • Richard Lazarus

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Please let the US voters not be drunk in the next elections.

  • Red H

     (Apr 22, 2018)

    Based off what I'm reading and hearing everywhere, it's 'inevitable' that the whole world is going to crap because of climate change. If that's the case then, hell to the yeah, I am going to need my guns in case anything goes wild like in the dark times of history and in movies.

  • Richard Lazarus

     (Apr 22, 2018)

    Red H. So your guns are more important that the environment that will sustain life for your descendants. I see that you have your priorities straight.

  • Randy Hagofsky

     (Apr 17, 2018)

    Absolutely tremendous video that can combat the myopic opinions I've heard here in the northeast (I still doubt they'll care though). Mainly, the sarcastic "Damn Global Warming," that people like to say anytime we get cold weather after March. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets infuriated by how ignorant these people can be. Thanks Vox for another great video.