twenty one pilots - Korea 2012

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2012
  • twenty one pilots performing at the 2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival - their first time ever in South Korea. Video shot and edited by Reel Bear Media. Special thanks to GoPro.

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  • peepken

     (Jun 9, 2016)

    why did me and josh have the same dream omg

  • Broken Thoughts

     (Feb 3, 2018)

    What Dream?Sorry, i don't speak english

  • møønlıght käy

     (Nov 27, 2017)


  • tubbs

     (Apr 7, 2015)

    Watching this after Tear in My Heart video and now I actually understand what "annyeonghaseyo" mean to them.

  • Holden Wilson

     (Apr 6, 2018)

    it is what koreans say to greet someone

  • Micaela Anderson

     (Feb 23, 2016)

    +Colyne Carpentier It means Hello in Korean

  • anathyler

     (Jan 24, 2015)

    I love hearing Josh talk, sometimes I feel like interviewers always ask Tyler the questions as if he will know the most about what he's talking about, I mean yes he's the lead singer but josh has some amazing things to say and I think people should just appreciate them more

  • Jade

     (Mar 22, 2017)

    anathyler Josh is the main drummer xD

  • Josh_the_alien

     (Mar 6, 2017)

    anathyler josh has a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking, the only reason I think he talks in some is because he's comfortable or he's gotta say something but he's a very nervous guy so he doesn't like talk in front of people all that much

  • olimpia s

     (Jan 31, 2016)

    Whoever edited this did a sick job

  • jacobsammartin

     (Nov 17, 2017)

    olimpia s His name is Mark from Reel Bear Media. He works with TØP a lot and has shot and edited a lot of their live shows. He even shot and edited the Mutemath sessions. He's super cool. Fun fact: he was in the video "A Serious Cover Song" with Tyler on Tyler's old channel, slushieguys.

  • Dorothy Babb

     (Nov 5, 2016)

    Who else is here for the music at 1:03

  • Akshata

     (Aug 27, 2018)

    TwentyOneSometing! AtTheDisco mysticwolf mashups

  • ツstacy

     (Mar 4, 2018)

    TwentyOneSometing! AtTheDisco same :/

  • tyler

     (Jun 3, 2016)

    dreaming of playing 200 and a festival being surreal, and now, here they are, on a worldwide arena tour playing thousands upon thousands per night. i'm so proud of them i can't believe how far they've come and absolutely talk about following your dreams - look where they are now. in a skeleton clique, now and until the end of the tricks. |-/

  • オデキodezki

     (Jul 3, 2016)

    woah i got chills by just reading this

  • Charlie Charles

     (May 23, 2015)

    I have watched this video when it came out so like three years ago and what Josh says at the end about dreaming as big as you can really struck me.I wrote down that quote and i kind of thought about it nearly everyday. I forgot about this video for a while but I still rememberd the quote and i have been going crazy for MONTHS to find it again and today. I finally found it.I'm not gonna lie, I nearly cried.Long live to this band |-/

  • michelle le

     (Oct 28, 2016)

    The music in the background is so sick <3 |-/

  • D Boudreau

     (Apr 30, 2017)

    It's called "Korea" I think it's like an unreleased track or something but it is a tøp song

  • Meiji

     (Oct 13, 2016)

    I just found out about them and I really want to see them live!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO KOREA!!!!!!!!

  • 채피

     (Sep 14, 2017)

    제발 한국좀 다시 왔으면 ㅜㅜ

  • Meiji

     (Feb 11, 2017)

    +cancerous meme They need to come sooner! I cannot wait!!!!

  • Landon-Philip

     (Apr 3, 2015)

    It was really nice to see a video revolve around Josh...I feel that Tyler gets the spotlight most of the time