twenty one pilots - Korea 2012

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2012
  • twenty one pilots performing at the 2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival - their first time ever in South Korea. Video shot and edited by Reel Bear Media. Special thanks to GoPro.Download the album: for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #Korea2012 #GoPro #FueledByRamen
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  • tubbs


     4 years ago +218

    Watching this after Tear in My Heart video and now I actually understand what "annyeonghaseyo" mean to them.

  • anathyler


     4 years ago +432

    I love hearing Josh talk, sometimes I feel like interviewers always ask Tyler the questions as if he will know the most about what he's talking about, I mean yes he's the lead singer but josh has some amazing things to say and I think people should just appreciate them more

  • peepken


     3 years ago +288

    why did me and josh have the same dream omg

  • olimpia s

    olimpia s

     3 years ago +198

    Whoever edited this did a sick job

  • tyler


     3 years ago +210

    dreaming of playing 200 and a festival being surreal, and now, here they are, on a worldwide arena tour playing thousands upon thousands per night. i'm so proud of them i can't believe how far they've come and absolutely talk about following your dreams - look where they are now. in a skeleton clique, now and until the end of the tricks. |-/

  • Dorothy Babb

    Dorothy Babb

     2 years ago +158

    Who else is here for the music at 1:03

  • Charlie Charles

    Charlie Charles

     4 years ago +102

    I have watched this video when it came out so like three years ago and what Josh says at the end about dreaming as big as you can really struck me.
    I wrote down that quote and i kind of thought about it nearly everyday. I forgot about this video for a while but I still rememberd the quote and i have been going crazy for MONTHS to find it again and today. I finally found it.
    I'm not gonna lie, I nearly cried.
    Long live to this band |-/

  • michelle le

    michelle le

     2 years ago +67

    The music in the background is so sick <3 |-/

  • Meiji


     2 years ago +89

    I just found out about them and I really want to see them live!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO KOREA!!!!!!!!

  • isabella !

    isabella !

     3 years ago +45

    "Dream as big as you can"

  • kuwasont t

    kuwasont t

     2 years ago +39

    soooo this is were they get the unrealeased "Korea 2016 track"

  • Ashtynn Stoddard

    Ashtynn Stoddard

     3 years ago +70

    Watching this four years later, while they're on a worldwide tour. I was lucky enough to see them twice this month, and both were sold out shows. I was in awe at how many people there were. It's amazing how far they've come. I'm so proud of our boys

  • AreaFiftyDun


     4 years ago +33

    Tyler's face at 0:43 lmao tweeeeterr okay high-five

  • Alex McQuiston

    Alex McQuiston

     2 years ago +12

    Never knew that Korea was on the official Chanel

  • 안희성


     3 years ago +12

    OHMYGOD could you please please please please please come perform in korea again??????????

  • Matwolf66


     5 years ago +19

    what song are they using here? I am absolutely obsessed with it

  • tui rose

    tui rose

     2 years ago +9

    this makes me feel empty and full at the same time

  • Absolutely Artsy

    Absolutely Artsy

     3 years ago +8

    you guys mean so fricking much to me.. wow.

  • OtterzRUs


     4 years ago +17

    I would give all the money I own to see them play in Philly.

  • fran


     2 years ago +10

    This is so underrated, and I love it. I would say more about it, but I just can't find the words.