The ketogenic diet, explained

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 13, 2018
  • Is keto just another dieting fad?Read about the science behind ketogenic diets on to our channel! year, new dieting craze. The ketogenic diet is the latest in popular diets in the US. It shares many similarities with the Atkins diet; it’s low-to-no carbs, some protein, and a lot of delicious fat.The keto diet isn’t exactly new. It’s been used to treat epilepsy since the 1920s, and it’s had promising outcomes from treating Type 2 Diabetes. However, epilepsy and diabetes aren’t the only reason people give the ketogenic diet a try. It’s also used as a diet for weight loss. The diet banishes most carbs, including fruit, and opts-in for fatty foods like avocados, salmon, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, and the holy grail of fatty meats — bacon.Unfortunately, science has not yet proven the keto diet to be the miraculous cure to losing weight, that some kept devotees claim it to be. The more extreme a diet, the harder it is to adhere to, and though the diet may be beneficial to some, that does not mean it will work for all who give it a is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:
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  • Vox

     1 years ago

    The ketogenic diet is backed by good science. But findings support it as a treatment for epilepsy, not losing weight. Read our full explainer breaking down the research on

  • Peter K

     10 months ago

    Not just about the weight loss. Eat keto and function better! VERY limited hunger cravings, delicious food and sharper mind. At least that is what I notice. I do keto on and off. Usually a week on and then a month or two off. I can drop the 5lbs I gain over the month or two in a week, super easy. Not water either.

  • Joeislayf

     11 months ago

    pilootdotcom lmao you’re citing another youtube video, very concise.

  • givememore4free

     1 years ago

    Honestly, it was not fully explained. I am a little disappointed in this video.

  • jacky zhu

     2 months ago

    The Kardashians are really bad. Promoting stuff like woo promoting quacks.

  • Tyler Travis

     1 years ago

    This is one of the weaker Vox videos I’ve seen.

  • The Wandering Mariner

     10 months ago

    Totally agree

  • What I've Learned

     1 years ago

    A bit more thoroughness would have been nice. Your "Why we imagine aliens the way we do" video was even longer than this

  • Nathan Clarke

     1 years ago

    You've essentially made a video that says... nothing... After 3 minutes and 48 seconds, you have not given an opinion, you've shown very little research, you have done nothing but say its a hypothesis... This sounds like someone justifying why it's hard to stay on a diet: 2:58Seriously guys, these videos should have more of a point, or at least have a bit more substantive research that helps people make a decision. Or don't make them, please.

  • Ark Wright

     1 years ago

    375lbs to 215lbsKeto saved my life.Made weight loss easy, But I guess that’s 160lbs of water weight right?

  • Bonnie Barber

     16 days ago

    Keto WORKS. Ignore this video... I've been KETO for over 2 1/2 years. KETO is NOT Atkins. Worthless video.

  • Zuzu

     1 years ago

    *Get ready bois, the comment section will be filled with flame wars*

  • phoenix guy

     2 months ago

    @Griffiths Bacani bruh you dont even know hat cult is you piece of trash following some lobbied organization such as the fda,american heart... and etc

  • Darwin42

     8 months ago

    Maybe it'll burn some fat too.

  • Peter Griffin

     1 years ago

    It works for me!

  • The Omniscient Sociopath

     1 years ago


  • Huzufu

     1 years ago

    What a clustered mess of a video. This isn't the organised neat Vox video I'm used to...

  • Joshua Edwards

     1 years ago

    I literally just lost 40lbs in 3 months on keto diet. Not watchijg calories and hitting the gym the same 4 times a week as i have for 2 years... No carbs or sugars. And i feel amazing. And its actually suprisingly easy.

  • Elin Winblad

     1 months ago

    Kido Edozien I’ve lost weight on keto without exercise and calories I’m eating more than before I was keto.

  • Vindelextreme 2.0

     8 months ago

    @Kido Edozien he never said he didn't put himself in a caloric deficit. when you only eat fat and protein, it doesn't spike your insulin and ghrelin, 2 hormones that's specific purpose is to store fat and make you hungry. your blood sugar is stable and doesn't drop. thats why you feel like your appetite is satisfied once in ketosis and without having to track your calories you're still in a deficit.