VEGANS are Dropping like FLIES, They need MEAT

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • #Carnivore #Vegan #Keto #PaleoFrankie’s Free Range Meat Channel: franktufanoTwitter franktufanCarnivore Goes Vegan for a Day: 2018 DEBUNKED: Can’t Absorb Vitamins: VS Animal Nutrients: Antinutrients: BLUE ZONES DEBUNKED: Cavemen Die at 30?: Cholesterol and Fat Cause Heart Disease?: and Vegetables AREN’T HEALTHY!?: vs COOKED MEAT: Carnivore Meal: Years Carnivore: ACNE in 3 days: the Face:
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  • Frank Tufano

     4 months ago

    for fitness/diet consulting Contact me or check out my Hygiene Products!https://frank-tufano.com Shop (Things I personally use): UK Vitamin D3 : Supplements (Rosita Cod Liver Oil): code FRANKI...

  • Digitalhunny

     24 days ago

    ​@Dick Splat - You poor starving thing. You live on chemicals to get what you can get naturally from animals & fish. I personally eat wild game meats like venison, moose & elk, wild boar. Plus lobster, salmon & tons of fish in my families diet. Not one person is overweight or takes any medications NOT EVEN VITAMINS> Zero chemicals. Betcha _you_ take supplements & you are weak if you don't. Iron, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (for you BRAIN) & LOADS of other minerals & fats that...

  • Dick Splat

     24 days ago

    @Luther Smithers It'S An oLd CheroKeEE woRD tHaT mEAns bAd huNtEr.


     6 months ago

    A year on antibiotics is a death sentence.

  • Dick Splat

     24 days ago

    @john m SO if vegans only ate locally grown food then you'd agree with the diet?Even now its still far more natural than what meat production does to the world.

  • Devils Baby girl

     1 months ago

    JOSE ANTONIO CASTRO why are you on antibiotics a year?

  • NormalJuaritosGirl

     4 months ago

    It drives me nuts that she says doctors weren't helping. They told her straight to her face what the problem was, she decided not to listen.

  • Winnie Pooh 2u

     16 days ago

    @Mig Payawal I'm not hateful toward their beliefs but toward them for wasting the time and money most people can't afford because they refused to Listen to the many doctors that iratted the same diagnosei! Why go to a specialist if your gonna do everything against what he recommends?!

  • Mig Payawal

     16 days ago

    @Winnie Pooh 2u I watched Bonnie's full video and I feel the exact opposite of how you do. They have suffered the consequences, they were willingfully blind to what is reality... but now they know what is right.They're on an uphill trajectory. We ought to wish them the best of luck. The people who deserve your ill remarks are the stubborn vegans.

  • Cyrus Dixon

     4 months ago

    Nothing but teeth and eyebrows the whole vid

  • Jemimah Kendall

     16 hours ago

    @GunClingingPalin he does wear make-up he has a lot of videos where he will use a makeup wipe before he starts because of people like you, he just had really good skin, he is funny looking coz his mother was a vegan and feed him soy formula he explains all this stuff

  • AmigoBarto

     5 days ago

    He looks Italian, his hair and eye brows are well kept. He’s a clean person, Italian men try to keep clean traditionally. He doesn’t look weird to me he looks like relatives.

  • Epiphany Video Productions

     2 months ago

    Don't get vegans converted to meat. I don't want to pay $40/lb for rib eye. Let them eat spinach.

  • Bryan

     17 days ago

    Vegan Gains is really just trying to keep all the meat for himself, huh?

  • Lilac Black

     1 months ago

    Epiphany Video Productions - a vegan marie antionette huh

  • Mark Carlson

     4 months ago

    "I cut out all fats" My god, you might as well cut out water at that point. Youre gonna die.

  • Skrrrt Mijnjonh

     1 months ago

    tightenyochain856 GROM lmfao unsaturated fats are unhealthy Go eat some high quality fatty beef or salmon

  • The King's Lady

     1 months ago

    You know a lot of Americans think "fat bad".....sad.

  • Jacques Gauthier

     4 months ago

    It's really sad when Vegans force their cats or dogs to become Vegan. It's animal abuse.

  • blanckieification

     2 days ago

    Vegan or not, the fact that some pets are better fed than some people in 3rd world countries is shameless.

  • Petra Uhráková

     4 days ago

    Or their kids. That’s a huge fuckin no for me. You should decide for yourself if you want to ruin your body, not to push it on kids.

  • Jason Crabtree

     4 months ago

    They spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on tests, supplements and specialists...when they could have spent $2 on some liver...

  • Warren Murphy

     3 hours ago

    @Kashina Crabbe Nobody has health issues from eating meat. They have health issues from eating processed junk food.

  • Daša Gondova

     15 hours ago

    LOL, you are right...

  • gkgyver

     3 months ago

    Do I get this right: this girl says they went to literally a dozen and more doctors, herbalists, healers, diet instructors, ALL of them said "change your diet", and they said "you don't know what you're talking about"?These people should die from stupidity alone.

  • immortal snail5774

     6 days ago

    Why should they die, because they made a mistake?You too have propably made something very stupid, and did you think you should die of stupidity? I know you are propably joking, but that is offensive.

  • Mig Payawal

     16 days ago

    Don't go there, man.Just be glad that they now know what is right.

  • DJatomica

     3 months ago

    "Lot's of the specialists told us to change our diet.""We left because they OBVIOUSLY didn't know what they were talking about."welp

  • No Name

     16 days ago

    @Arti S Most vegans are skinny idiots. A lot of bodybuilders eat meat since its protein and vitamins are necessary for the human body. Also why are you vegans even making it an issue about what people eat? This is why a lot of people are dropping veganism and why no one even likes your kind anymore.