10 Ways to LEVITATE!! (Epic Magic Trick How To's Revealed!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 5, 2017
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  • Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson

     35 minutes ago

    i want that stuff so i can make my wife vanish she an old battle ax

  • Rick jobling

    Rick jobling

     4 hours ago

    Super cooly boonanas ..😁pip pips and carryon

  • Khushali Sethi

    Khushali Sethi

     14 hours ago

    I like it

  • John Monroney

    John Monroney

     20 hours ago

    Nice man.

  • John Monroney

    John Monroney

     20 hours ago


  • sky bandit

    sky bandit

     4 days ago

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

    And for all the trolls...I hear your mommy calling, she needs you to come and pick up your socks from the living room and the dirty tissues you left in front of the couch ;)

  • Nick Kennedy

    Nick Kennedy

     5 days ago

    Let us in on how to make our credit card debt disappear.

  • the dude behind you

    the dude behind you

     5 days ago

    "tricks to pick up chicks"

  • Hawa Meghrawi

    Hawa Meghrawi

     6 days ago

    Hi I want to be part of the give away plz!!

  • Joe LoDico

    Joe LoDico

     6 days ago

    very cool

  • Patrick Hardy

    Patrick Hardy

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  • Tony Nicholls

    Tony Nicholls

     7 days ago

    I Luv it I Luv it I Luv it............................Thanx Rich

  • Bruce Zar

    Bruce Zar

     7 days ago

    So 😏 it's all fake, everything's rigged, there's no such thing as real magic. . .

    Or 😳 IS there!?

  • IM Afrayed knot

    IM Afrayed knot

     7 days ago

    Well you would have to make sure the person listening isn't sensitive and he or she knows your friends too .just pick someone who's alive and say they passed on. Say some things that make it sound like the person your talking about. If you can get that person to call make the one listening answer the phone. Great show bud I usually don't subscribe because I have so many subs but I had to in this case .take care bye .

  • Tracy McGarry

    Tracy McGarry

     7 days ago

    I don’t think you take a knife to school

  • Moises Puquir

    Moises Puquir

     7 days ago

    I want the geve away

  • ML Productions

    ML Productions

     7 days ago

    Carrie will be sorry she wasted her time learning telekenesis.

  • Vannesa Onofre

    Vannesa Onofre

     7 days ago

    You look like Iron Man :0

  • Yazmin Soto

    Yazmin Soto

     14 days ago +1

    How to levitate in the scientific way: quantum locking

  • Kyoshie Hart

    Kyoshie Hart

     14 days ago

    Tony stark is that you?