Khalid - Better (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • “Better” Official Video out now!

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  • Born a Autist

    Born a Autist

     11 minutes ago

    For some rrason i feel like this would be in black panther

  • Cameron C

    Cameron C

     18 minutes ago

    Cars: all the bullsh*t 2018 has to offer
    Khalid: how I expect how the year will go

  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

     22 minutes ago


  • London Lyons

    London Lyons

     40 minutes ago

    omg this is my favorite song now

  • stacey wiltz

    stacey wiltz

     47 minutes ago

    Feel like I’m back in the 90s ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this man

  • Rigby


     52 minutes ago

    Imagine: Late at night, a couple of buddies in the back seat of a bmw and your driving down an empty highway in the middle of no where and this song plays.

  • Ahmed S

    Ahmed S

     an hour ago

    is this actually considered singing??
    The Isley Brothers is singing
    Mariah Carey is singing.
    Not sure if anything khalid does is considered "singing"
    You need a singing voice for that.

  • Rick J

    Rick J

     an hour ago

    Amazing job.

  • Christie Smith

    Christie Smith

     an hour ago

    I love u and your singing your the best at it

  • Mercedes Kreucher

    Mercedes Kreucher

     an hour ago

    Chuco Town 🤟🤙❤

  • OG_Legend_OG H

    OG_Legend_OG H

     an hour ago

    Nothing feels better than hearing this song. Nothing feels better. Nothing feels better than this.

  • Shyael Gomez

    Shyael Gomez

     2 hours ago

    My husband loves this song and so do I!❤️ Chris imposible not to think about you babe!!

  • Too Much

    Too Much

     2 hours ago

    I've watched this video at least 100 Times 💜💎💜💎💜💎

  • Ingrid Hart

    Ingrid Hart

     2 hours ago

    This song uses the same chords as Rihanna’s Diamonds it seems. Beautiful.

  • Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah

    Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah

     3 hours ago

    Nothing feels better than taking a dump

  • tanya nefretiri

    tanya nefretiri

     3 hours ago

    Visual is so fucking dope💜💜💜

  • Blue Cars

    Blue Cars

     3 hours ago

    Bmw e36 😀👌

  • sara mohammed

    sara mohammed

     3 hours ago


  • Omar Čorbadžić

    Omar Čorbadžić

     4 hours ago

    Kraljino kopirali ti spot buba i jala

  • Nicolas Adolph

    Nicolas Adolph

     4 hours ago

    my fav song