45 minutes of bad cricket & what it says about the state of India's World Cup team

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/wQ-gpaTwb5U


  • Steve Jennings

    Steve Jennings

     1 months ago +32

    Just a view from a kiwi - India is a VERY good team. If the ball swings we can beat anyone - if the ball doesn't move you guys win that semi final match. A couple of points to consider:
    1. NZ have upset big opposition in every world cup going back to 92 when they play as the underdogs (the exception being 96 WC). When people write us off, that works in our favour
    2. India is the only subcontinent team to make semis in England and Australia. It's quite typical for sub continent teams to struggle outside the sub continent and vice versa. Be proud you made the semis.
    3. Don't have a knee jerk reaction to your players - we would love to have some of your players in our team!
    4. The key to New Zealands last two matches was winning the toss and batting first. If we had batted second we probably would have collapsed with out of form batters chasing a total under pressure. Putting runs on the board in finals were key.
    5. India is still number 1 or 2 in the world. Be proud of your team. and last point is
    6.......NO ONE was going to beat England in the final! If you saw the game, all of the luck went their way. It was englands destiny. two Key umpiring decisions (roy given not out first ball and taylor given out on a shocking LBW decision), boult stepping on the rope when catching stokes, the deflection off stokes bat that went for four runs. The final was decided on luck and it all went Englands way. You can't beat destiny no matter how good your team is!

  • Venkat Narayanan

    Venkat Narayanan

     1 months ago +115

    Virat has been a pretty poor selector - his selections for RCB have been baffling to say the least, and on several occasions (a recent example was the test at Lords where he went in with two spinners) he has made very poor decisions in selecting even the playing XI. Tactically as well he is not nearly as astute as Dhoni was in ODI cricket. Leading by example in terms of attitude and hard work only takes the team so far, and tactical nous is a must in high level cricket.

  • Amar


     1 months ago +110

    you forgot the most important point.. Kohli is a power monger who managed to kick out everyone who can challenge his whims

  • Premjit Hawaibam

    Premjit Hawaibam

     1 months ago +164

    God! Its hard to watch post match analysis when your team lose.

  • nag p

    nag p

     1 months ago +50

    Very nice analysis. Lack of Ambati Rayudu, clearly visible. Dhoni misplacement is a Disaster. Where msk Prasad put his head now, better to wear 3d glasses & watch kids animation. 👓🇮🇳

  • Swarnendu Chatterjee

    Swarnendu Chatterjee

     1 months ago +117

    Sack Ravi immediately. What was he doing there? He could have pushed MS ahead of DK.



     1 months ago +48

    When coach is a puppet it's hard to blame others!! Stupid selectors add on to the misery!!

  • Ajay Singh

    Ajay Singh

     1 months ago +59

    Sack below immediately
    MSK Prasad
    Ravi Shastri
    Kohli from captaincy

  • Rohit Pathak

    Rohit Pathak

     1 months ago +68

    Centralization of power? At least you didn't make it political and call Kohli the Modi of cricket :D ... Good analysis

  • Abhishek Das

    Abhishek Das

     1 months ago +66

    I blame Kohli and KL Rahul. Sharma literally dragged us to the semis. And of course, the brilliant bowlers!

  • Iman B

    Iman B

     1 months ago +46

    All valid points. Always felt a match like today coming..due to turning blind eye on root problems.

  • Sradha Suman

    Sradha Suman

     1 months ago +37

    Last year vs NZ, Ind was 18-4 in NZ, Rayudu's 90 eventually won us the match.

  • A B

    A B

     1 months ago +27

    Why can't Kapil dev Sunil Gavaskar, Bishan singh bedi, Ganguly ,Dravid ,Kumble, V prasad, Sachin be selectors. Wisdom+experience at one place.



     1 months ago +51

    Ambatti Rayudu is lost to us now. Rishabh Pant was a disaster. Mayank Agarwal sat on his backside. If Jadeja could score freely, I don't see why Nos 4,5,6 can't carry us across the line. Au revoir MSD.

  • Diego Kasser

    Diego Kasser

     1 months ago +37

    how can everyone be surprised on India loss when all decisions are mare by a certain "chauwdry",the downfall started when Kumble was removed as the coach, so no one got the hint??????

  • Sundar Mahesh

    Sundar Mahesh

     1 months ago +33

    Kohli has not done much in this world cup.It was Rohit who carried us to semis.People like Gavaskar Lakshman Dravid and Sourav should be made as coach selection committee members.Virat should be removed from captaincy.

  • stillwater 82

    stillwater 82

     1 months ago +56

    Dinesh Karthik at the end turned out to be useless. The issue of no. 4 which was talked about so much finally drowned India when it mattered the most.

  • Dilip Deshpande

    Dilip Deshpande

     1 months ago +22

    The middle order was brittle, Dhoni is past his Best, Jadeja Rishab, should have been always there.
    Ravi Shastri is drunken poke. Should be sacked immediately for not picking best team.

  • G M

    G M

     1 months ago +30

    Reminds me of IPL 2009. DD completely dominated round robin matches.
    On semifinal night, forty five minutes of an unstoppable Gilchrist wiped them out.
    Fifteen minutes of Henry and Boult finished our top three.

  • Zimmer Nebula

    Zimmer Nebula

     1 months ago +32

    Perfect analysis by Gupta .