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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • On June 5th, 2017, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt announced a total blockade on Qatar. From that day, the borders were closed, commerce was interrupted and all diplomatic relations were completely broken. Qatar, a small country of just over 2 million inhabitants was suddenly isolated. Since then, things haven’t changed much, except that Qatar, against all odds, has practically managed to emerge unscathed: How did they do it? What strategy did Doha use? We’ll tell you In this video.And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: of Defense of the USVisit QatarQatar World Cup 2022
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  • Bad Dude Philosophy

    Bad Dude Philosophy

     9 months ago +193

    Nice video. But Istanbul is not Turkey's capital. Ankara is.

  • County Kowloon Boyz

    County Kowloon Boyz

     a years ago +333

    What is it with these videos and using thrash metal in the background?

  • CheeseTruffles


     3 months ago +66

    Saudi Arabia: Cuts off milk import
    Qatar: Airlifts 4000 cows in
    Saudi Arabia: Pikachu meme

  • Tanvir 0461

    Tanvir 0461

     a years ago +269

    The blockade will make Qatar self-depended, personally, I love the policy of Qatar, not Saudi. Long live Qatar!!

  • Darksydesamy


     a years ago +1204

    It’s failed because the point was for Qatar to end its relationship with Iran and turkey but it has done the complete opposite.

  • OsmanOsmanHan


     4 months ago +54

    No bullying possible when Turks are around.

  • Naimul Haq

    Naimul Haq

     11 months ago +46

    Qatar is simply magical. Turning blockade into a blessing. Israel looks puny and poor and without American food will starve.
    Qatar keep up the good work.

  • Sheharyar Gul

    Sheharyar Gul

     7 months ago +23

    You missed some important causes. Expending tourism and Qatar Airways for UAE. And amount of investment Qatar did in UK and USA, including hiring a firm sponsored by Trump. In short Qatar played very smart after blockade.

  • Reem Karen

    Reem Karen

     10 months ago +155

    I’m Saudi I live in Qatar I’m happy, even if this video is sponsored it’s the truth. I wish the Gulf could be the same as it was before and true as someone mentioned it’s only the traveling that is more expensive, everything else is the same, and for our leaders I’m not afraid but you ripped families apart your, look at the border between Saudi and Yemen, instead of paying billions on arms deals to the US and Canada why not raise people salaries in Saudi, instead of making war with countries put the money in your people and there education.... I have a question for the leaders, are you Muslim, why have you banned so much social media platforms and even media, so many saudis don’t know the real story they accept pay cuts and taxes because of a monster breathing down there necks and what about the jailed women activists, and the missing princes of Saudi that did not agree with the new regime, Saudi people where are we going to end’s been more than 500 days since I’ve seen my family!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noway1252


     a years ago +205

    Sultanate of Oman is benefiting from this blockade because of the neutral and peaceful position this country always takes when it comes to the conflicts in the Middle East. Not that many people around the world hear about Oman because it doesn't intervene in the business of other countries, which is a wonderful thing to have a country so peaceful in that region.

  • Luna


     6 months ago +4

    Good for u Qatar 🇶🇦 the saudi king must be kicking himself 😂 for that stupid move .

  • seiqo Lolzor

    seiqo Lolzor

     a years ago +87

    No problem 4 Qatar. They have there Turkish brothers and sisters!

  • Roland Francis

    Roland Francis

     3 months ago +15

    Why did Qatar have to befriend Turkey when a US Air Force base is located on Qatar soil and paid for by them.
    Obviously the Qataris didn’t trust the Americans. Can’t blame them since America will stick to the side that benefits them more. Fickle, as usually proved. Better if Qatar had sought for Russian protection. The Russians are much more loyal.

  • Manteri Kebahagiaan

    Manteri Kebahagiaan

     a years ago +13

    Lmao neymar as ambassador of qatar wc2022.

  • ArabRebel


     9 months ago +41

    Oman is the most country benefiting from the blockade, all previous businesses between both sides are passing through Oman because Oman is neutral. You should a video about Oman.

  • bill hanna

    bill hanna

     a years ago +52

    im having my next vacation in Qatar



     a years ago +2

    "KINGDOM" What a joke House of Saud what a sick joke

  • Aqran Baig

    Aqran Baig

     a years ago +4

    I'm living in dubai for last 2 years nd i remember exact 1 year before UAE govt had said all Qataris to leave there country in just 3 days and take there all business back also
    Lol just imagine for a person who had invested billions over here how can he take his/her things back in 3 days
    Thats brutal! But I'm happy to see the motivation of Qataris how they are still working well
    Hope ALLAH guide all muslim and help us to unite
    Love from Karachi/ Pakistan😘

  • Craig Dillon

    Craig Dillon

     a years ago +8

    Under its new regime, SA has decided to be a local bully. It has tried to use its power to dictate to the Yemeni people, and now it is trying to dictate to Qatar. Both efforts will fail, for two good reasons. First, in Yemen, war is messy. It rarely goes as planned, and is very very expensive, even for a rich country. Second, people who resist will be very creative in surviving and in hitting back.
    I do not think SA will benefit from either effort. In fact, I think the pressures for change in SA will only increase, as the SA leadership loses credibility.

  • No Username

    No Username

     a years ago +29

    Reading these comments is really heartbreaking to hear all these bad things about my country. I just hope nobody judges all the people in the countries like Saudi and the UAE just because of what our rulers are doing.