twenty one pilots - Regional at Best: The Web Series (Teaser)

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 20, 2011
  • Every show. Every city. Every story. Everyone of you.

    twenty one pilots and Reel Bear Media present a new web series based around the lives and interactions of twenty one pilots.

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  • caruso

     (May 13, 2016)

    i wish i'd have discovered them earlier.

  • Mathi

     (Jan 25, 2019)

    me too.

  • Øh Ms. Believer

     (Dec 1, 2018)

    I think we ALL wish we had discovered them earlier

  • Michelle Martin

     (Dec 21, 2015)

    Look how they made it this far, kid.

  • Rambunctious Tumbleweeds

     (Sep 29, 2017)

    I am a Stone l-/

  • Austin T

     (Oct 25, 2016)

    I am a Stone i see what you did there

  • stella r

     (Mar 7, 2016)

    untitled demo 2011 kicks in as do my tears.

  • Stevie Puglia

     (Apr 24, 2018)

    my frame shrinks smaller as night goes near

  • zieloniak Alt

     (Sep 27, 2016)

    Only 6 comments from 5 years ago...

  • Stitt Happens

     (Dec 14, 2015)

    I love these guys so much. Seriously. Not because of of attractiveness or something as low as that. I love them for who they are as people. I love them for inspiring me when I really needed it. They kept me alive. They kept my creativity flowing, so I shall flow my love over them in return. Thank yøu

  • Mippet

     (Jul 3, 2016)

    this comment chain makes me so happy. stay alive |-/

  • Kai Widman

     (Oct 22, 2016)

    WE DID IT!

  • Banditø#103771697 Sahlø Følina

     (Dec 29, 2018)

    ||-// Stay Alive Frens... It's worth it.. Sahlø Følina |-/ Eastisup

  • Skeleton Clique

     (Oct 26, 2018)


  • For the Frame

     (Jul 8, 2015)

    there is nothing i could possibly say to describe how these guys make me feel.

  • lemøn

     (Oct 18, 2016)

    i'm not crying my eyes are sweating

  • moondusted

     (Aug 1, 2016)

    Oooh I love me some untitled demo 2011

  • Natalie O.

     (Oct 31, 2015)

    They've come so far

  • Trash

     (Jun 23, 2016)

    If they ever become very very famous we were here first

  • slowtown wooo

     (May 31, 2016)

    +Moeke vD kid