Why black Americans are getting less sleep

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • How the sleep gap reflects inequality and contributes to it.

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    A good night’s rest is critical for your health, and a lot can go wrong when you don’t get enough it. Sleep deprivation can contribute to obesity, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, and more. The minimum recommended amount for adults is 7 hours (this too can vary from person to person). But, a third of Americans are sleep deprived — and on average, Black Americans are clocking in the least amount of z’s.

    Black Americans already face steep disparities in health, and not getting enough good sleep can compound on those issues. By examining the sleep gap, and addressing the root causes, we may be able to tackle other inequalities in the US too.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tfREC-AkX20


  • Jonathan Bernal

     (Apr 13, 2018)

    Vox is a joke.

  • Saral Thakur

     (Sep 13, 2018)

    It just proves black people are lazy and not so smart

  • Trunks

     (Apr 13, 2018)

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  • JustAPug Bro

     (Apr 15, 2018)

    “Why Black Americans get less oxygen” “Why Black Americans get less seconds in a minute”“Why Black Americans get less mitochondria”

  • Reason 73

     (4 days ago)

    Black people will never get any sleep and we'll always be servants as long as Europeans are controlling and dominating the world.

  • Ballsack Teebaghard

     (Sep 29, 2018)

    Scientific racism exists sure, but to just pretend IQ isn't real or a factor is an extremely sad and pathetic cop-out on your part. I have to believe you can be better than that.

  • Apple User 193,803,921

     (Apr 14, 2018)

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  • Zekere'ye Wantanabo

     (Apr 16, 2018)

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  • SmashJake

     (Apr 14, 2018)

    "The Sleep Gap"......WOW

  • fer

     (Jul 12, 2018)

    what a time we live in, huh?

  • Dillon

     (Apr 14, 2018)

    Who else saw the title, then disliked, then watched 1 minute of the video and then left

  • Sweetfly Rachel

     (Dec 27, 2018)

    That’s not a good way to approach things at all. I also believe this is a bit of a stretch, but at least watch the whole video first.

  • Kermit of Rivia

     (Apr 14, 2018)

    The hell is this bs?

  • Jay Bee

     (Jun 13, 2018)

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  • Jay Bee

     (Jun 13, 2018)

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  • Kaizer Glick

     (Apr 14, 2018)

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  • Sweetfly Rachel

     (Dec 27, 2018)

    That’s not okay. I don’t entirely agree with it either, but at least watch the video before giving an opinion on it.

  • Brandon Chan

     (Nov 21, 2018)

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  • bhips ahoy

     (Apr 14, 2018)

    this is a meme right

  • Sherif El Helw

     (Dec 2, 2018)

    +Jay Bee you realise that quote is a hoax right?

  • Darth Zeus

     (Apr 22, 2018)

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     (Apr 14, 2018)

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  • Jonathan Reiland

     (Jan 11, 2019)

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  • Miguel Larranaga

     (Apr 14, 2018)

    Why do people bring race into everything.

  • Pure Rosa

     (Aug 31, 2018)

    Because without race the only difference between us would be our personalities and no one cares about those anymore.

  • Miguel Larranaga

     (Jul 13, 2018)

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