How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • So I ditched class and got away with my story CHUN CHUN noise from that one show

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  • SomeThingElseYT


     a years ago +21549

    Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!

  • Matthew Connor Fernandes

    Matthew Connor Fernandes

     an hour ago

    Currently ditching while watching this and I feel called out.

  • Myah Myu

    Myah Myu

     an hour ago


    Adam, what-

  • Artsy_ Astra

    Artsy_ Astra

     6 hours ago

    anytime i would get bored in class, i would just sleep and then blame the teacher for giving me a headache when they wake me up. i would ask to go to the nurse .......i always came back 5 min b-4 class ends.

  • Anonymous


     7 hours ago

    No joke when I was in the 3rd grade no joke I used to eat small bits of paper tasted like nothing but I had too drink water after I do it all my classmates were weirded out lmao yes I’m weird I’m in middle school now

  • TheWonkyDalek1


     10 hours ago

    This gave me flash backs, I'm lactose intolerant and for some reason nearly every food in existence has some form of dairy and many panic situations have happened due to my math teacher always saying wait 10 minutes OR making you solve an equation first and he says this everytime and everytime he does it makes me want to slap him with his textbook.

  • Ashlyn Bell

    Ashlyn Bell

     10 hours ago

    Ditching to play ds is probably the best thing ive heard all year LOL

  • Letty Meza

    Letty Meza

     11 hours ago

    Are you

  • Letty Meza

    Letty Meza

     11 hours ago

    Let's go ditching school

  • Xx Unkown xX

    Xx Unkown xX

     11 hours ago

    I have bad anxiety and im allowed to leave class for like 5 minutes so last 5 minutes of class, i go to the bathroom and just chill text my mom ask how my lizard is or play games

  • The Cutepaw AJ

    The Cutepaw AJ

     11 hours ago

    We have an EL education school (look it up) so we get this class called Crew but we don’t get a grade for it and it’s for team building,

    Anyway, in 7th grade i had friends in 9th who had lunch during my crew so i’d just straight up skip crew to see them. it was fairly obvious since i never even showed up to crew i just left, and of course i was ratted out and the office workers quickly realised. I’m not allowed to even leave that class now.

  • 101 101

    101 101

     12 hours ago


  • Caleb Saunders

    Caleb Saunders

     12 hours ago

    Bro exactly like my algebra 2 teacher is

  • Fox of Love

    Fox of Love

     15 hours ago

    My 3 favorite subjects 1.Art 2.Math 3. Science ❤️

  • Natalie Roberson

    Natalie Roberson

     16 hours ago

    I did the same thing in every test stayed for like five minutes then quietly go back when the teacher is not looking

  • Peppermint Jamz

    Peppermint Jamz

     16 hours ago

    Dude why was that intro legit asmr

  • Sniperboii88 YT

    Sniperboii88 YT

     16 hours ago

    That’s just like my teacher

  • Demetrius Freemn

    Demetrius Freemn

     17 hours ago

    I need to poo

  • Yarrøw


     19 hours ago

    I just eat in science class, the teacher either didn't notice or didn't care.

  • Cataflex Gaming

    Cataflex Gaming

     19 hours ago

    0:29 the most annoying of them all