twenty one pilots: Ride Swap with Vinyl Theatre

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 10, 2014
  • On the Quiet Is Viølent Tour, Vinyl Theatre swapped rides with us for a day. Watch as they try to navigate the insides of a bus for the first time ever.Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #QuietIsViolent #VinylTheatre #RideSwap #Tour #FueledByRamen
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  • dowsaaa

     4 years ago

    tyler ignoring the call oh my god

  • Bandito

     21 days ago

    @Disgusted Mikey it reminds me of wincest 🤢

  • isaac DJQ

     4 months ago

    Like si eres de colombia

  • María Karla González Pérez

     2 years ago

    Who else is so glad tyler and josh found each other

  • 21 pilots Jishwa and Ty

     28 days ago


  • Lps Sqalid

     28 days ago

    @Banana Man they are best friends. Tyler said they met in school but sometimes they make fake stories about how they met to be funny in interviews

  • Twenty Paphonies

     2 years ago

    **changes all of my passwords to 4579**

  • Leah Tiemann

     a months ago

    lol me

  • Elena's Sketchbook

     1 months ago

    Literally me

  • hanacantsleep

     2 years ago

    "keeping things wet since 1988"THE IMMEDIATE LOOK OF REGRET ON HIS FACE IM LAUGIEJH

  • Red Dunkey

     25 days ago


  • kylie smith

     2 years ago

    "I'll call Tyler real quick"Tyler: -_-"Oh, I'll call Josh"Josh: Yes?Tyler (Mind): Why.

  • Red Dunkey

     25 days ago


  • Lancey lance McClain

     2 years ago

    "Yeah it's kind of like a trapdoor"Clique: *TRIGGERED*

  • Red Dunkey

     25 days ago


  • xaramalfoy

     1 years ago

    Vinyl Theatre: *Talking like a professional*Twenty One Pilots: we have a...hum...

  • MasterOfMudkip The Bandito

     4 months ago

    Whø ever said TØP was prøfessiønal?

  • Valentine

     11 months ago

    1:44 I love that Tyler was like"Screw this guy I wanna listen to Josh's weird story"

  • Asɪᴀ 84

     15 days ago


  • sweet sweetie

     10 months ago

    awww same

  • I'm a prø at Imperfectiøns

     1 years ago

    Tyler: *writes amazing songs**is extremely successful*Also Tyler: You can't go wrong with a little donkey kong.I just made that up. *On my own.*If you don't got brains, you don't got haynes!

  • Alex Viper888

     2 years ago

    tyler: *sees phone ringing**ignore**sass level 5000 reached*

  • -Azriel- _Duncan_

     5 months ago

    I was looking for a comment about this hahahahahahahhaaha

  • Valentine

     8 months ago

    It's cuz he was paying attention to Josh's story <3