Gays Vs Gharwale | Indian Parents on Gay Children | Funny Short Film | Valentine's Day Special

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • This Valentine's day, watch our funny short film on how Indian Parents try to cure their Gay children in vain. Join us at Gorilla Shorts to say #PyaarIsPyaar and spread the message of love and acceptance for all, especially the LGBTQ+ community. Share this video to ask parents to stop looking at their LGBTQ+ children differently or try to cure or convert them. Gay children are just as normal as non-gay children, and deserve every bit of their parents' love and affection. And with the abolition of the outdated #Section377, they finally have the same rights too. #GorillaShorts #LoveIsLove

    Vibha Chibber
    Rajendra Chawla
    Anuradha Chandan
    Ashwin Kushal
    Garima Marwah
    Abhinav Madan

    Supporting Cast
    Vinit Kaur
    Nazeem Khan
    Amzad Khan
    Arif Khan
    Amit Yadav
    Vijayant Narayan
    Ayan Chakraborty
    Rashmi Anand
    Divya Rai
    Rajeev Sharma
    Priyanka Mudgal
    Shweta Kanojee
    Ana Bali
    Abhimanyu Chakraborty

    Prateek Parmar
    Adwait Singh
    Kushal Banerjee

    Arpan Mahna

    Executive Producer
    Atin Singh

    Production Controller
    Shahid Shaikh

    Casting Director
    Navrattan Mehta

    Additional Casting
    Sahil Sayyed

    Assistant Directors
    Arpan Mahna
    Abhimanyu Chakraborty
    Digantha Banerjee
    Viraj Tirmanwar
    Siddesh Iyer

    Production Team
    Shreya Acharya
    Yusuf Khan
    Acchu Sheikh
    Riyaz Khan
    Vikas Kamble

    Post Producers (Gorilla Shorts)
    Arpan Mahna
    Abhimanyu Chakraborty

    Music Director
    Jishan Ali Thobani
    Sarthak Nakul

    Assistant Music Programmer
    Jyotiraditya Bhujang

    Yuvaan Manhas

    Jishan Ali Thobani
    Ambar Chakravarty

    Sound Design and Mix
    Kamil Ahmad

    Sound Studio
    Emsquare Studios

    Studio Engineer
    Bhaskar Sarma

    Kunal Sethi

    DI Studio
    Prime Focus Ltd.

    Sr. Colorist
    Rahil Merchant

    Harry Yettle

    Offline Confirmist
    Abhishek Warik

    Post Producer (Prime Focus Ltd.)
    Varun Sharma

    Asst. Cameraman
    Swapan Mitra

    Focus Puller
    Hari Singh

    Planet Vision 

    Camera Attendants

    Bharat Lights

    Bharat & team

    Makeup & Hair
    Ashish Garase
    Shabina Khan

    Location Sound
    Ajit Kumar Rai

    Maheindra Thakur
    Nilesh Ranpise

    Produced by
    Mridula Ramakrishnan 

    Directed by
    Ambar Chakravarty
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  • Gorilla Shorts

    Gorilla Shorts

     10 months ago +980

    We’re thrilled & grateful to receive so much love and appreciation especially from our LGBTQ+ friends. Pls do help us spread this love by sharing this film with everyone, gay or straight. It’s time the conversation came out of the closet. Just copy paste the link below on your Facebook, whattsapp and twitter pages. 👇🏻

    Also, English subtitles can be viewed by switching on the CC captions. You’ll find the option when you click on the 3 dots on the top right of your app screen. On the browser you’ll see it on the bottom panel. ♥️🦍🌈
    #PyaarIsPyaar #LoveisLove #GorillaShorts

  • S L

    S L

     15 hours ago

    Thanks a million for all you guys do!

  • syed sajid

    syed sajid


    Wrong is wrong even everyone do it. LGBT community is on going to hell believe or not it's true.

  • Hensetsu Wei

    Hensetsu Wei

     2 days ago

    All the straight indians in the comments who are supportive have me in tears rn

  • Prarthana Khot

    Prarthana Khot

     14 days ago

    No use of making such movies, parents will be parents just like lesbians are lesbians.

  • Hira Izhar Farooqi

    Hira Izhar Farooqi

     1 months ago

    Bakwaas.. yay batao Ram, Lakshman, Shri Krishna, Arjun, in main say kon gay tha, ya Sita, Jasodha, Radha in main say kon lesbian tha? koi nahi na, isliaye kay pehle kay dore main ghalat ko ghalat kehnay ki taqat thee logio main, agar bhagwan ki taraf say yay sub allowed hota tou bhagwan un ko bhi aulaad deta jo gay hayn or unhayn bhi jo lesbian hayn, kia bhagwan bus straight ka hay? jo log gay or lesbian hayn wo bus apnay aap ko tabah karrahay hayn..kahan tou pehle kay log bulandi panay kay liay saalo saal tak jangaloun main raha kartay thay or shakti hasil kerlete thay apni tamam khwahishat ko maar kay magar jo khwahishat ko nahi maarta wo janwar ban jata hay phir wo relation ship main hetrosexual homosexual ka farq bhi bhol jata hay.

  • Bill Weasley

    Bill Weasley

     1 months ago

    Remember Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Allan Turing, Oscar wilde etc are also gay . We don't know much about gay Indian geniuses may be because they destroyed their great minds in depression and lived in fear and anxiety which took their focus from their goal.

  • krutika


     1 months ago +1

    our generation shouldn't let our parents ruin our lives though...let's stay strong and do what we choose to do. Ps loved the video 💞

  • dheena dhayalan

    dheena dhayalan

     1 months ago




     1 months ago

    Ye sahi nahi hain......Gay,lesbian people you should fix yourself neither you will destroy

  • Sagnik Roy

    Sagnik Roy

     1 months ago

    Good for all fun stuff but impractical AF! like INDIAN PARENTS will never show lesbian stuff to convert their child. NEVER!

  • Pawan Kumar

    Pawan Kumar

     1 months ago

    would love to act in one!!

  • Vaishali Vasnani

    Vaishali Vasnani

     1 months ago

    Nice presentation. However for parents in India it will take one generation to accept this. However, these days everybody having good freedom and will allow to keep enjoying with partner they like.

  • Anurag Sharma

    Anurag Sharma

     1 months ago

    Feel pity for the parents whose children are like this

  • vikash bhuyan

    vikash bhuyan

     1 months ago

    Why are you gay?
    You are gay!

  • Banwari Lal Ghorla

    Banwari Lal Ghorla

     1 months ago +1

    Very lovely



     1 months ago +1

    Gay maderchood

  • pouvei agu

    pouvei agu

     1 months ago

    In my place, mom hired some guys and beat up her own son because he was gay, to teach a lesson but after beaten that night he was dead. Is that a parents love????

  • pouvei agu

    pouvei agu

     1 months ago

    Bisexual or gay and married but having secret affairs with the same genders...and this is the outcomes. Its so sad. Indian parents will never understand, its out of question. They will force to get married.



     1 months ago

    Really shit! You are really spreading negativity, plz make some good videos.