Gays Vs Gharwale | Indian Parents on Gay Children | Funny Short Film | Valentine's Day Special

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • This Valentine's day, watch our funny short film on how Indian Parents try to cure their Gay children in vain. Join us at Gorilla Shorts to say #PyaarIsPyaar and spread the message of love and acceptance for all, especially the LGBTQ+ community. Share this video to ask parents to stop looking at their LGBTQ+ children differently or try to cure or convert them. Gay children are just as normal as non-gay children, and deserve every bit of their parents' love and affection. And with the abolition of the outdated #Section377, they finally have the same rights too. #GorillaShorts #LoveIsLoveCastVibha ChibberRajendra ChawlaAnuradha ChandanAshwin KushalGarima MarwahAbhinav MadanSupporting CastVinit KaurNazeem KhanAmzad KhanBharat Arif KhanAmit YadavVijayant NarayanRaimaahAyan ChakrabortyRashmi AnandDivya RaiRajeev SharmaPriyanka MudgalShweta KanojeeAna BaliAbhimanyu ChakrabortyDoPsPrateek ParmarAdwait SinghKushal BanerjeeEditorArpan MahnaExecutive ProducerAtin SinghProduction ControllerShahid ShaikhCasting DirectorNavrattan MehtaAdditional CastingSahil SayyedAssistant DirectorsArpan MahnaAbhimanyu ChakrabortyDigantha BanerjeeViraj TirmanwarSiddesh IyerProduction TeamShreya AcharyaYusuf KhanAcchu SheikhRiyaz KhanVikas KamblePost Producers (Gorilla Shorts)Arpan MahnaAbhimanyu ChakrabortyMusic DirectorJishan Ali ThobaniSarthak NakulAssistant Music ProgrammerJyotiraditya BhujangSingerYuvaan ManhasLyricsJishan Ali ThobaniAmbar ChakravartySound Design and MixKamil AhmadSound StudioEmsquare StudiosStudio EngineerBhaskar SarmaAnimationKunal SethiDI StudioPrime Focus Ltd.Sr. ColoristRahil MerchantColoristHarry YettleOffline ConfirmistAbhishek WarikPost Producer (Prime Focus Ltd.)Varun SharmaAsst. CameramanSwapan MitraFocus PullerHari SinghCamera Planet Vision Camera AttendantsVirender Shubham Lights Bharat LightsLightmen Bharat & teamMakeup & HairAshish GaraseShabina KhanLocation SoundAjit Kumar RaiStillsMaheindra ThakurNilesh RanpiseProduced byMridula Ramakrishnan Directed byAmbar Chakravarty
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  • Gorilla Shorts

    Gorilla Shorts

     5 months ago +826

    We’re thrilled & grateful to receive so much love and appreciation especially from our LGBTQ+ friends. Pls do help us spread this love by sharing this film with everyone, gay or straight. It’s time the conversation came out of the closet. Just copy paste the link below on your Facebook, whattsapp and twitter pages. 👇🏻
    Also, English subtitles can be viewed by switching on the CC captions. You’ll find the option when you click on the 3 dots on the top right of your app screen. On the browser you’ll see it on the bottom panel. ♥️🦍🌈
    #PyaarIsPyaar #LoveisLove #GorillaShorts

  • Ocean Cat

    Ocean Cat

     5 months ago +4673

    I want to know how many straight people are here and actually supporting, our support is very important.
    Hit the like button if you're straight

  • I forgot my name

    I forgot my name

     1 months ago +72

    Parents: You are not allowed to date boys.
    dates a girl
    Parents: 😮

  • Teesha Debnath

    Teesha Debnath

     4 months ago +575

    Lol....what about us bisexuals??....I mean it's Adam and Eve not Adam or Eve 😂😂😂

  • nishad naik

    nishad naik

     5 months ago +1319

    The comment section has become a LGBTQ meetup app🤣🤣

  • Swiftie Forever

    Swiftie Forever

     6 months ago +3167

    Fact : Unfortunately 50% of indian LGBTQ+ members will never come out of closet because their parents will never understand.

  • A-star puri

    A-star puri

     5 months ago +130

    "tumhare pichwade ke sahi prayog yaad diladegi".
    this comment by his parents was fucking gold.

  • Meow


     5 months ago +625

    These parents are so chill. Mine would whoop my ass, literally.

  • Aatiquah B

    Aatiquah B

     5 months ago +293

    Let love be love
    Let us be us
    - president kim namjoon

  • sydmmr1985


     5 months ago +505

    Homosexuality is not a choice, just like Hetrosexuality is not a choice.

  • Rohit Agarwal

    Rohit Agarwal

     5 months ago +2564

    Actually the problem is not just with the older generation, it's the straight youth too, many gays and lesbains don't feel comfortable to come out to their straight friends too fearing rejection.

  • antonette lenitha

    antonette lenitha

     2 months ago +72

    indian parents when kid is young be like: no gf no bf only studies
    indian parents when kid comes out: *hiers nudes and strippers *
    seems ligit

  • Daniyal haider

    Daniyal haider

     2 months ago +23

    Kiske maa baap aese hoty bc😂😂

  • Project Fulfilled Life

    Project Fulfilled Life

     4 months ago +58

    Who's Straight and still watch this :P

  • FF Gamer

    FF Gamer

     3 months ago +35

    Respect transgender.
    Gays and lesbians are also humans.

  • Misanthropic Feline

    Misanthropic Feline

     5 months ago +252

    I'm from Sri Lanka, I'm so happy that they legalized homosexuality in India. Can't wait until they do that here too.

  • bitch boy

    bitch boy

     5 months ago +86

    Honestly the correct response if your child says, for e.g. "I'm gay" should be "hi gay I'm dad" if you disagree fight me

  • Jaya K

    Jaya K

     5 months ago +27

    Bechara sonu plumber😂😂😂

  • Somya__


     5 months ago +10

    This comment section is giving me so much hope from our generation!!!!

  • _ _Vishal_ _

    _ _Vishal_ _

     4 months ago +23

    Mara zym aajao, theek kardunga. XD