The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Kana J

    Kana J

     an hour ago

    That lady at 0:18 is that pageant lady from insatiable off Netflix



     an hour ago

    It looks like a dank meme at the end

  • Joshua Aleman

    Joshua Aleman

     an hour ago

    This has nothing to do with a mattress companies he’s just described every retailers formate . I guess it’s a cleaver pun on marketing . Your all ways getting scammed when shopping.

  • ORO 0147

    ORO 0147

     an hour ago

    Don't use Google. 90% unrelated to the video but just don't. The alternatives are 10x better and it'll make the world better

  • The.Inferno


     2 hours ago

    Just buy the purple matress it's 100, with a grid like design and the firmness to cradel pressure points but the softness to not break a raw egg it's the best of comfort and practicality combined.

  • Fariha Haque

    Fariha Haque

     2 hours ago

    weird flex but okay

  • Samantha Ramey

    Samantha Ramey

     3 hours ago

    aside from the anti true crime virtue signaling this video was decent

  • TheNeoSabre


     4 hours ago

    Poor Philly D

  • Viceroy Haukea

    Viceroy Haukea

     4 hours ago

    hold on.. i NEED to know about the purple mattress. adam pls

  • Anonymous AJ

    Anonymous AJ

     4 hours ago

    What a worthless video.
    "Buying mattresses is a rip-off, and there's nothing you can do to stop it."
    Wow, thanks for being so insightful.

  • RivaZA1


     7 hours ago

    Just buy one of those mattresses that are just a slab of sponge inside. They super cheep and if you sleep in roughly the same spot, will over time become nice and soft on that area.

  • Honigdachs


     8 hours ago

    People are gonna take this the wrong way, because that's what they do. Lying on an 80 bucks piece of foam still isn't just as good as sleeping on a quality mattress, and will ruin your health. You don't need a 1000-2000 bucks mattress, but you do need an actual good one.

  • William Kirchhofer

    William Kirchhofer

     10 hours ago

    The only thing he knows about mattresses is the one his boyfriend presses his face into.

  • Valeriebug1


     11 hours ago

    The last time I was mattress shopping I already had a nifty, incredibly
    inexpensive, 22" high inflatable queen size bed in a box in my trunk. I
    decided to check out a large mattress store before breaking open and
    trying the cheap bed out but couldn't find any sales people in the
    store. I finally found a lady sleeping in a recliner behind a desk in
    the middle of the store. It was hard to wake her because she was using
    headphones. She finally showed me a mattress I had seen advertised and
    pointed out the fact that it was crap. I told her I was driving around
    with the new inflatable bed in the car and she advised that I was better
    off to keep that one. That was more than one year ago and I am very
    pleased that I did.

  • tim gersh

    tim gersh

     11 hours ago

    so pretty much this is a long way to say nothing

  • Judson Zhao

    Judson Zhao

     12 hours ago

    Google Zinus and thank me later

  • cpfalcon51


     13 hours ago

    Sooooo... are there any useful pointers for mattress shoppers, or is this video simply b*tching for the sake of b*tching? Like, are we supposed to just buy the cheapest one, or what.



     13 hours ago

    The most annoying person in the world right here

  • fundip51426


     13 hours ago

    Owo look at the sparkle

  • duduoshunn


     14 hours ago

    Hey you Adam, where's eve?