Trump invented a fake spy scandal. People will still believe it.

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 8, 2018
  • It's a tactic the president has used before, and it works.

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    President Trump calls it calls it “spygate:” the allegation that the FBI and democrats put a spy in his campaign to help Hillary Clinton. It’s not true.

    Top republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan have even disputed the president. But even though it’s a conspiracy theory, millions of Americans will still believe it. It’s a playbook he has used before.

    “Spygate” is an attempt to delegitimize the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. If the American people lose trust in them, they won’t believe whatever the investigation finds. It’s working. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Sebastian Elytron

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    _"Trump is a liar and pathetic excuse for a president"_In other breaking news, the Pope is catholic.

  • gpu logic

     (Jan 5, 2019)

    The new SPYGATE 2019 videos are packed full of facts that debunk this video - this is short and blatantly propaganda - it is a desperate propaganda video lacking facts and holding only "opinion", the narators voice asserting herself without giving you proof. SPYGATE IS REAL AND SERIOUS. Trump is TRIUMPH OVER LIES! This vid is soviet style propaganda motivated out of gagging desperation, even obvious to my cat, she is good at sensing fear in that marxists voice. This video givers away the ...

  • John Franklin

     (Sep 23, 2018)

    Josef Heilburger the fake polls claim that liberals are more educated yet this same polls show that Republicans make more money on it sound like either liberals aren't educated or they just get educated in the easiest liberal arts fields don't don't actually educate them ...

  • Lashan

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    As a non-American I've basically relegated the entirety of US politics to be entertainment, and just laugh at it. Every day. Seriously, so much of the stuff that happens even has proper comedic timing, it's that ridiculous

  • Matthew Nugent

     (Aug 9, 2018)

    India the epitome of what every country should strive to lmao

  • BG NC

     (Jul 29, 2018)

    Lashan it's funny. Except to the people who are losing their loved ones or their medical care or their citizenship

  • Erik C 'Piano Man'

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    The fact that you even need to make a video debunking conspiracies from the POTUS because ppl believe every little stupid thing he claims is ridiculous.I’m not saying what’s true or what not, (this is a massive problem for dems and Republicans) but act like adults and do a little research (find multiple sources from both sides) before blinding believing and regurgitating everything someone says. I think as a voter, being 18+ years old, you should be able to do a little more critical thinking than tha...

  • Stylin And racially profiling

     (Dec 5, 2018)

    People have been brainwashed into believing the Russia collusion hoax and there hasn’t been one bit of evidence to support it. It’s all made up and it’s existence proves there was a conspiracy...against him and there is all kinds of evidence to support that claim. Just read the FBI agents Texts messages. Why do you think they (the left) don’t want the Carter Page FISA application declassified. Because they made it up.

  • Mind Flux

     (Aug 10, 2018)

    Hahahahaha, ah but piss gate is totes real!

  • Kyle Li

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    Do we have a solution for this? Everyone keeps telling us that this is happening, and of course, it is - but no one is offering a solution to combat this besides spreading awareness which as we can see, is apparently not working.

  • ElectroSalvo

     (Jul 18, 2018)

    Impeach the idiot

  • firespinnr

     (Jul 16, 2018)

    Kyle Li Either bring back the fairness doctrine which was removed by Ronnie Raygun. But make some changes to it that specifically target propaganda or reports that call opinions facts, take away Fox media's ability to call themselves "Fox media entertainment" so they can be sued for libel. That would be a start but it could potentially be turned into a political weapon if Trump changed the libel laws. So like many others have said VOTE!

  • Justin Y.

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    *Political Comment*

  • Bernard's Channel

     (Jun 26, 2018)

    Justin Y. *Trump supporting comment*

  • BuddyL

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    Sadly, I can't even feign surprise at Trump's lies anymore.That's how low we've fallen in this "presidency".😧

  • SimpleSoda

     (Jul 4, 2018)

    Lol Trump’s social media is literally propaganda that some actually believe.

  • Hector Vega

     (Jun 20, 2018)

    Travis Forde Hey, you someone who's smart enough in politics, will make this nation stand no more for it's values, then again it never did. I'm saying his dumb. My opinion is more of an optimistic one despite, discrimination increasing against my people.

  • Legendary King

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    I have a spy gate at home

  • NewPaulActs17

     (Jun 22, 2018)

    i have a spy gate, too. i call it the "door"- Don't Operate On Room.

  • WovenTenacity

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    “How dare the FBI do the thing that they’re named!?”

  • Mason - Blase

     (Jun 26, 2018)

    Lol I’m dying😂

  • Avery Lopez-Baines

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    Oh my....can't wait for the comment section to be a mess (grabs popcorn)


     (Jun 18, 2018)



     (Jun 18, 2018)


  • Miyuru Weerarathna

     (Jun 8, 2018)

    Funny thing is Americans who pride themselves to be on top of the world are still unable to replace trump after all these incidents. 😆😆😆

  • Neena Singh

     (Jun 20, 2018)

    Gents News UM no gtfo what has he done for us besides claim Obama’s accomplishments as his own 😂😂😂