OnePlus 7 Pro - Launch Event, New York

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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  • Najid Ali

    Najid Ali

     4 days ago

    Just because they are using samsung amoled display that is why op 7pro got A+ for dispplay

  • Gabriel Ignacio

    Gabriel Ignacio

     a months ago +5

    I remember tuning in to the launch event for the 7 Pro back in May and told myself that there was no way in hell I was gonna upgrade to a phone with a motorized camera.

    Two months later, my 8GB+256GB 7 Pro came in the mail.

  • Za Warudo

    Za Warudo

     a months ago +5

    The crowd seems dead but at least they ain't apples crowd wooooing literally everything the announcer says

  • Darryl Bob

    Darryl Bob

     2 months ago

    wish my telco in singapore is available

  • Der lustige Mann aus dem Internet

    Der lustige Mann aus dem Internet

     2 months ago

    How many updates will the pro get ?

  • Lïl Stønër

    Lïl Stønër

     2 months ago

    why is the video at 24fps???

  • Haqeeqat Ki Talash

    Haqeeqat Ki Talash

     2 months ago
    Oneplus secret codes

  • Gustave Dassonville

    Gustave Dassonville

     2 months ago

    A tech company streaming 720p at 10fps ? AOUH

  • Satisfied


     2 months ago

    This company is doing great things. They slipped in when google decided to get expensive. Perfect timing, getting this device on Friday.

  • Darryl Woodbury

    Darryl Woodbury

     2 months ago +5

    Watching this from my OnePlus 7 Pro. I love this phone! It's a beast!

  • Ricardo Vaz

    Ricardo Vaz

     3 months ago

    Be careful, Oneplus doesn't take responsibility for any water damage, they even claim that the phone is not water resistant, but water splashing resistent.
    My new oneplus 7 pro 12gb got on 5 cm of water for less than 1 minute and the screen stopped working. Oneplus doesn’t assume manufacturing defect.
    Never had any problem with my Samsung S8.
    I don't recommend buying oneplus phone for this price tag, especially when you can buy an S10 plus for the same price or even cheaper.

  • WillieB383


     3 months ago

    Do you have to be a reviewer or developer to attend shows like this for oneplus? I just picked this phone up the other day and im in love with it. I dont see myself going back to any other flagship as long as oneplus continues to make awesome phones like this. I would love to be a better help to the oneplus community

  • Boy Boy

    Boy Boy

     3 months ago

    How many display curves degree on OnePlus 7 pro?? ANSWER MEEEEEEE PLEASEE

  • Wangsuijan Gadgets

    Wangsuijan Gadgets

     3 months ago

    Why oneplus do not add ultra wide mode on videos. I am a bit dissapointed

  • Tomasz Pasternak

    Tomasz Pasternak

     3 months ago

    Twenty four minutes of ads for a phone that's being replaced. Great.

  • Garuda 1

    Garuda 1

     3 months ago

    Did they have to use OneUi as a reference.😢😢

  • Sean McClelland

    Sean McClelland

     4 months ago

    If this keeps rolling and growing, within 5 years OnePlus company could be within reach of the Giants Samsung and Apple, OnePlus company will be up with the big boys on premium devices people be saying it's either Samsung apple or one plus for the best of the best phones in the United States and the world

  • Sean McClelland

    Sean McClelland

     4 months ago

    Wow I had no idea that the company has been going on since 2014 or 13 and it has gotten this much attention all over the world and over 5 million users and 1 million units were sold it's crazy to think that I've never heard of this company before but after doing research I feel more comfortable about getting the OnePlus 7 Pro I'm actually really excited I hope since the OnePlus 7 Pro is available for T-Mobile in the states I really hope that more people continue to buy it and are satisfied with the low cost compared to Samsung and Apple and there is a alternative but a premium alternative

  • Gary Chadwick

    Gary Chadwick

     4 months ago

    I like the way that one plus sell phone upgrade cheaper than previous models

  • Gibs Jetro

    Gibs Jetro

     4 months ago +1

    the release date with oneplus 7 pro 5G for Switzerland? it s for when?