My Response To The Copystrike Allegations / PewDiePie / Dark Side Of Pokimane

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Hey guys! I hope this video helps clear things up about the copystrike drama, as well as the other recent videos made about me. I think it's important to own up to my mistakes, but also defend myself when need be. I appreciate those who watch the video in its entirety and thank you to anyone who's been kind / constructive about the situation and those who have patiently waited for a response. 😀

    PewDiePie's video:
    Dark Side Of Pokimane:

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  • Pokimane


     9 months ago +3879

    Hey all, I see a lot of people talking about watching videos on stream and hypocrisy regarding that, I wanted to say I am almost always commentating / reacting to stuff when I watch it on stream (if anything my chat says I talk too much during it LOL). There’s some short clips that try to make it look like I just let videos play but I rarely ever do that, and will continue to do my best to add value to the content that I react to.

    You can watch a good example of what I’m like when I watch/react to things on stream by watching the video I posted right before this. Hopefully you can all do your research and form your own opinion. Cheers ❤️

  • alyssa


     7 hours ago +1

    i love how all of you are bashing on her when you’re probably worse lol

  • Matthew Derek Nabua

    Matthew Derek Nabua

     2 days ago

    Your content is so trash. Just admit that you are an asshole and you are a disgusting freak with that makeup.



     7 days ago

    Do you have a point here Poki ?

  • Ana Grace

    Ana Grace

     7 days ago

    So saying “I shouldn’t have done that, that was my bad.” isn’t an apology? Why is everyone ignoring the fact that she is saying she’s remedying the situation by letting those videos stay back up and talking to those people to smooth out any differences? She’s moving on from a bad situation by making reparations. She can defend herself too, she has that right. It’s with the intent that we see her side of things too, not just the negatively painted view we had of her.

  • kmelvin santos

    kmelvin santos

     7 days ago

    Why do people hate her so much? For one, she really doesn't need to explain anything. Reuploading videos with no edits or changes is like someone "taking" a diet coke from you then that person would sell that. Content creators should not be deprived on their own work. Reaction videos, montages, collages are okay since you've put effort on them. Complete reuploads are a big no.

    It's the same as patent stealing. i don't know where the hate is coming from though. Keep strong Poki.

  • The watcher

    The watcher

     7 days ago

    Dude i cant see her face under all that Make-up

  • Winter.T Snow

    Winter.T Snow

     7 days ago

    I just watch TRO’s video on this and I really want to know if she’s seen it

  • motu patlu

    motu patlu

     14 days ago +1

    Sorry But I think it's time to unsubscribing.

  • kv rosal

    kv rosal

     14 days ago

    Damn, a lier and a hypocrite.



     14 days ago

    If nightblue3 bred alinity
    Pokimane would have been their offspring

  • Apollo G.

    Apollo G.

     21 days ago +1

    I saw this vid at the time and was a little harsh on pokimane, looking back now this video makes sense. I can’t be mad at pokimane. Keep in mind I found her channel through compilations on YouTube so I’m definitely not against them. Overall I’m on her side here for literally everything except the Instagram part. She’s smart enough to know that she’s justified in bringing up his personal Instagram as he reuploads her personal content, but she’s also smart enough to know it’s irresponsible to bring up his Instagram while they’re arguing on stream to her massive audience. I’m sure she has realised this and has changed for the better.

  • Munkrano


     a months ago +1

    shut up stupid twitch hot of shit

  • knowledgeiskey0110


     a months ago +1

    Disabled likes/unlikes .. how scummy

  • Hola123


     a months ago +1

    I want to hatefuck her so bad lads

  • peru ubillos

    peru ubillos

     a months ago +1

    This shit hurted my brain

  • Jake B

    Jake B

     a months ago +1

    "My mom doesnt like seeing it on youtube" you are a fucking ADULT. If mama can't handle that move back in baby girl. My mom didn't like learning when I was fucking but now we talk about our relationships together, its called being a fucking grown up 😑

  • Samuel Fournier

    Samuel Fournier

     a months ago

    No mercy

  • SoulsGG


     a months ago +1

    I don’t really dislike you ( I don’t Watch your streams) You seem like an okay person . But what you did was overkill. You could have asked the guy about deleting the video.

  • Fillet O Shit

    Fillet O Shit

     a months ago

    I always knew there was something off about her. My brother tried to make me like her, but I just couldn't. This was when she was playing LoL.