troye sivan - blue moon. (lyrics)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 18, 2016
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  • mia


     a years ago +312

    justice for blue moon and swimming pools!!!!

  • Jella Jadina

    Jella Jadina

     2 years ago +399

    I love this song but I kinda get why it wasn't included in to the album. The lyrics are nice but in a way it's maybe too personal... I love personal songs don't get me wrong but this just kinda feels/sounds like that he made this up in his head and wrote it down for himself, tried what it would sound like as recorded but then realized that he didn't want it to be included in the album because he had already moved pass the feelings he felt while writing this song... Idk.

  • lonely hours: [activated]

    lonely hours: [activated]

     a years ago +278

    it’s 2018 and troye’s still making accounts to dislike this

  • Logan Bell

    Logan Bell

     2 years ago +483

    This song is the more depressing version of Lost Boy tbh. This song must really hit a nerve for Troye like he must have a story behind this song. This song is beautiful and there can't be any other way that he hates it.

  • Alexis Tackett

    Alexis Tackett

     a years ago +248

    The 15 dislikes are Troye on different accounts

  • Shanzéa


     a years ago +147

    I think, Troye is maybe just a little bit obssessed with the colour blue :/
    Love the song tho.

  • Amando Pando

    Amando Pando

     2 years ago +561

    If anyone ever breaks up with me, and they apologize with THIS SONG I think I might just marry them

  • Alissa Munoz

    Alissa Munoz

     2 years ago +252

    Name a bad troye sivan song... I'll wait
    update in 2057: still waiting

  • Melaney Sandoval

    Melaney Sandoval

     2 years ago +651

    Only true fans know this song tbh

  • Taniya Reneé

    Taniya Reneé

     2 years ago +503

    Justice for blue moon please

  • jayden cierra

    jayden cierra

     2 years ago +346

    I wanna know why Troye hates this song so much.. there's gotta be a story behind this like on a personal level

  • Rhys- Bradley

    Rhys- Bradley

     2 years ago +113

    It breaks me emotionally that Swimming Pools and Blue Moon are my favourite songs!!!

  • `'minxiu '

    `'minxiu '

     a years ago +115

    Yall so dumb. Isnt it obvious? He lost someone who he loved. He was his first. Afcourse he doesent want the memories back.

  • otp stylincum

    otp stylincum

     2 years ago +208

    love his music so much. he manages to transport me to another world and not many artists can do that to me. only passionate ones.



     a years ago +454

    I'm crying the lyrics just make me bawl my eyes out.

  • Daphna Eisen

    Daphna Eisen

     2 years ago +107

    I listened to this for the first time right after troye sang swimming pools live... I AM A MESS

  • astrid iero

    astrid iero

     2 years ago +82

    I cannot even begin to explain my obsession with this song it's just so beautiful

  • ca. lee

    ca. lee

     2 years ago +127

    that one dislike probably thought "dis i like"

  • jessiesmith211


     2 years ago +92

    I'm pretty sure this song and gasoline are about the same situation.

  • iridiscencia


     2 years ago +72

    Oh, sweethearth, Troye, the one who made you felt like this doesn't deserve you.
    I feel so bad omg. The story behind this. I understeand why he take Blue Moon down. I wonder what where those three words tho.