Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Columbia University professor of linguistics John McWhorter joins to discuss the unique way Donald Trump speaks which is unlike any president America's had before.
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    Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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  • Linda Brady

    Linda Brady

     9 minutes ago

    I am so sick of all of this! Just let him do his job and leave him alone! Democrats are such poor losers! I literally despised Obama and all of his lies and not even making a budget the entire time he was president. Not accomplishing anything except taking a lot of expensive vacations and starting a huge division of our country. President Trump is doing this for FREE, because he loves our country. If Democrats could just stop fabricating and throwing lies everywhere and see all the actually amazing things he is getting done in and for our country, they would be pleasantly surprised! But instead, they keep fabricating lie after lie and it is costing our country so much money and taking attention away from some really intense and crazy things happening in the world right now! But the Democrats don’t even care! The news is a joke to watch. They are intentionally dividing our country more and more...but none of you even care to look deeper. Open your eyes and look at what is really happening right now in Washington! Don’t just watch Democrat News channels, watch them both and listen to both sides! I do. Don’t blindly believe all these lies they are feeding you! So what if President Trump isn’t as eloquent of a speaker as the normal talking heads in politics. Who cares if he is a Narcissist?! Most people in politics are! The most important thing a President should do is improve our country. Work for and with the people. He is doing that! Even though Republicans disliked Obama, Republicans did not nit pick about every little thing and try to impeach him for things they did themselves! Just get over it and accept him as president while he is in office and everyone should try and work together! This is our it by opening your eyes! We should be working together, not just complaining about things that did not happen, but are pulling our country apart. That’s how our country was set up. These Democrat politicians are destroying our constitution with this “Impeachment Inquiry” farce! They aren’t even following the laws. They are jumping through every hoop they can find to do this and it is absolutely unbelievable that they are getting away with doing these hearings. If you think this “Impeachment Inquiry” is real? You are a blind sheep, holding onto the tail of the sheep in front of you and it could eventually pull our entire country over the edge! Please open your eyes and ears and see what is happening to your country right now! UGH! 😡

    **Since this is a Democrat channel, I am expecting a lot of disgusting, rude, crude and ignorant name calling and comments towards me personally, just because I stood up for what I believe. Let’s see if you can comment intelligently and without the use of foul language. You are all making fun of how President Trump talks online...let’s see how you do? I’m not calling anyone names or spewing derogatory comments...can we talk civilly?

  • Deana Prine

    Deana Prine

     2 hours ago

    Shame On TRUMP & he has thrown ANY & Everyone UNDER THE BUS so far & himself included

  • Ryn 2011

    Ryn 2011

     3 hours ago

    13k a baby amount

  • TroyD 9888

    TroyD 9888

     3 hours ago

    Trump unfortunately is a great representative of American people.

  • David Miller

    David Miller

     3 hours ago

    Brian Williams is one of the biggest posers ever to be given a second chance I don't know how this guy sleeps at night. I don't care how many millions of dollars they pay him a year you still a liar. He lied about taking fire a military action. If its civilian was to do that it would be charged with stealing Valor.

  • krista stumpf

    krista stumpf

     3 hours ago

    I can't handle hearing Trump speak! I hit mute every time he is on television or radio!! Nails on a chalkboard!!!

  • mottthehoople684


     3 hours ago

    Another words the biggest wall Donald Trump built was around his opinions when I went to the ballot the last time I feel like I had the option of the gas chamber or being hung mean to tell me in the United States this is the best we can ...offer Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump there's gotta be something better than this

  • mottthehoople684


     4 hours ago

    Another words the professor is saying I never went to college but I are a millionaire

  • Zan Thornton

    Zan Thornton

     4 hours ago


  • Wesley Big Pete Peters

    Wesley Big Pete Peters

     4 hours ago

    And he is a fool as you are! A partisan democrat giving his flawed opinion. Exactly why MSNBC is a failing network.

  • R Marie

    R Marie

     4 hours ago

    Anyone can see and/or hear that ! What's new ?

  • Winnifred Forbes

    Winnifred Forbes

     5 hours ago +1

    "When people first emerged"! Neanderthal.

  • Maroulio


     6 hours ago

    Brilliant assessment of a less than brilliant man.

  • glenda wood

    glenda wood

     6 hours ago

    Who cares what he thinks about Trump's speech.

  • Darrion Hale

    Darrion Hale

     7 hours ago

    I always stated he speaks like a child

  • kinezo1961


     7 hours ago

    Trump's language is the polar opposite of Obama's.

  • j l

    j l

     8 hours ago

    More craziness and hatred to the President of the United States of America .God Help you people ...You all need a wake up call in your lives to shake you and wake you up to what you are doing .Your on the wrong side and on the side of people who did nothing to bring this nation to birth.They didn't suffer they didn't give their all didn't bleed or die or pray to God for help to keep fighting.No you didn't so you don't care about destroying it with your constant persecution and belittling and lying and deceptions.History will record what you all have done and you will answer for it.It's disgraceful and sad! I didn't even listen to this video cause I know it's something to spread whatever this is you have to for who ever your working for .I guess the news media is bought and paid for by the People who are trying to destroy this Nation .They won't be satisfied till everybody is under their thumb and they have complete control over everyone.I guess they already have control over all of you.Sorry to disappoint you but it's not going to happen.Their are lots of freedom loving people who love the country and will pray and work to make sure it doesn't! You all better get off the broad road of destruction and get in the straight and narrow road that leads to life or your going to find yourselves in a place you don't wanna be and your going to spend the rest of your eternity reliving every bad thing you've done.The Bible says "Be not deceived God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap" thats Bible and That's TRUTH......The Bible also says REPENT. That means change your mind and change your direction.God will forgive you and welcome you into His arms.He wishes for all to come to Him and be saved and leave the old life behind for the new life in Christ.Jesus...He gives peace ..He gives joy ....He gives everlasting life....I plead the Blood of Jesus over you all In Jesus Name...the sad thing is these people you think your helping don't care one thing about your eternal soul not one single thing they don't care about you...if they don't care if this country falls do you think they actually care for you??????

  • stromsky58


     8 hours ago

    Pres Trump speaks so that the average person can understand what he has to say, unlike the average politician that can speak for an hour and not say a thing. This educator may be intelligent, but he is a dimwit.

  • Slim Pikens

    Slim Pikens

     9 hours ago

    Adolescent would be an improvement at MSNBC!

  • BERNARDETTE chinwe

    BERNARDETTE chinwe

     10 hours ago

    Hello my friends do not be afraid because our mighty God is with our president Trump. There will be no impeachment and trump will be our last president before the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Peace