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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/VFind ITZY "IT'z Different" on iTunes & Apple Music[ITZY Official] http://ITZY.jype.com #ITZY #있지Copyrights 2019 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • Nazima Nazif

    Nazima Nazif

     6 months ago +653

    today they got 2nd win at show musuc core...congrat itzy..

  • cherry hannah

    cherry hannah

     14 days ago +1032

    Icy = 100m
    Dalla dalla = 200m
    Midzy we can do it

  • Choi Beomgyu

    Choi Beomgyu

     14 days ago +1552

    When the maknae is as old as you and you regret your life choices and look at yourself like...
    Edit: Wow thnx for all the like! I never had so many!

  • editsxkimi


     7 days ago +963

    They really did Yuna wonders with that blonde hair in ICY, I like the dark hair but that blonde must stay forever😂

  • south korea

    south korea

     7 days ago +567

    Who else misses Dalla Dalla so much after watching Icy?

  • TWICE Stray kids ITZY make me happy

    TWICE Stray kids ITZY make me happy

     6 months ago +555

    Seriously I really need to stop watching this.. I have a feeling that the song will be im my head the whole night in my sleeping

  • Giorgia Gnassi

    Giorgia Gnassi

     5 days ago +129

    I'm older than all of them and still they make me feel younger with their songs and choreographies 🙏❤️❤️

  • crystal maknae

    crystal maknae

     2 days ago +166

    Midzy's to 150m?!!

  • Victoria Leong

    Victoria Leong

     4 days ago +317

    1:53 Yeji's dance moves got me feeling some type of way 😰

  • JuliaBTS_GachaVerse


     7 days ago +237

    This place where Ryujin is, looks like Resident Evil
    Edit: oml thank you for the likes

  • fishing for tuna

    fishing for tuna

     6 months ago +391

    Thank you JYPE for the subs

  • Crazy Multifandom Person

    Crazy Multifandom Person

     2 days ago +31

    Imagine when in 2024 a wave of nostalgia hits you and you come back here.. aGh i would feel so nostalgic hearing this bop after 5 years😓❤

  • Stray kids epic

    Stray kids epic

     7 days ago +162

    Keep dreaming ITZY, we MIDZY's got ur back

  • Citlaly Calderon

    Citlaly Calderon

     3 days ago +181

    anyone else love chaeryeong since jyp sixteen?

  • myk ryu

    myk ryu

     7 days ago +641

    who’s here bcs they suddenly missed dalla dalla in the middle of icy era

  • yoon bin

    yoon bin

     6 months ago +542

    i really love their vibe, their concept. its like a mixture of cute and swag. and im very picky when it comes to girl groups and their songs, but this one actually got my attention. congratulations girls!

  • Bighit nbg is going to end big 3 boygroups

    Bighit nbg is going to end big 3 boygroups

     yesterday +18

    ITZY takes Rookie Award in Soribada Best K-Music Awards 🏆
    The only new girlgroup! 😎
    Congratulations ITZY 🥳🎉

  • Verónica Pérez García

    Verónica Pérez García

     7 days ago +98

    I´m older than ryujin, everything is right here, obviously.

  • Yudiika Official

    Yudiika Official

     yesterday +11


  • Nicole Calcina

    Nicole Calcina

     14 days ago +140

    ITZY "DALLA DALLA" - 2019/08/05:
    #26 Naver (-2)
    #36 Genie (-1)
    #37 Bugs (-2)
    #37 MelOn (+2)
    #49 Mnet (-1)
    #55 Soribada (-5)