Rajinikanth wanted to do a full-length romantic comedy: Karthik Subbaraj | Petta

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • In this conversation, #KarthikSubbaraj, the director of #Rajinikanth's #Petta, talks about his dreamy collaboration with the star, the making of the film, his favourite Rajini moments, and more

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/nWBojdK8E_c


  • Prashanth Pandian

    Prashanth Pandian

     6 days ago +124

    Nobody can take such an interview. Amazing questions

  • lokesh babu

    lokesh babu

     14 hours ago

    First of all hatsoff to karthik subburaj signature style of thalaivar into RAJINI after 15 years not only that as a hardcore fan thanks for redeemed our rajni into rajinism, rajinify etc, etc,
    Our suggestion and our request to all directors I.e., don't spoil the RAJINI by directing the movie like kabali kaala as represents screenplay boredom worst and we missed almost to watch the rajinism in previous movies
    My request to mr.karthik subburaj is kindly direct more than 100 films with thalaivar RAJINI with ultimate BGM music and rapid 2 nd half with unexpected climax in your signature style quotient with style man RAJINI sir
    Once again thank you so much for executed and delivered the wonderful movie experience after decades
    Thank you sir

  • R Stalin

    R Stalin

     14 hours ago

    I really admire this guy not anyone fan can direct his fav actor, but he has done something really done a great job, thanks for an output and a great movie Karthik. Wonderful interview by Sudhir.

  • Uma B

    Uma B

     15 hours ago

    Jolly good sir.

  • Soorya prabagar

    Soorya prabagar

     17 hours ago

    Host looks like sundar pichai

  • Cheer Up

    Cheer Up

     20 hours ago

    inga thalaivar thalaivarnu rajinikantha mention panra ovaruthanum rationcardla thalaivar pera sivaji rao nu mathirunga😈😈😈😈

  • Gayathiri Iyer

    Gayathiri Iyer

     21 hours ago

    Brilliant screen play. More Brilliant actor even I clapped 2 to 3 scenes in the theatre. We can enjoy seeing Rajni film whole theatre and audience come to festival mode. This happens only to his film not to other actors. His age didn't reflect in his remantic seen. and not give uneasiness while watching with whole family ( even with teenage Children). But it doesnot happen with other actors who overdo and make us uncomfortable. Thk u kartik subburaj.

  • Niyas Babu

    Niyas Babu


    Host look like Sundar pichai

  • jack sparrow

    jack sparrow

     yesterday +1

    interviewer is top class man who are you man ...xcelent hosting thanks subhu ungaluku 100 nandrigal sonnalum paathathu of course i am rajinified 100% ...
    1 question to subhu why you didn't keep the walking scene in flashback which shown in trailer

  • caesar bala

    caesar bala


    Ranjith bathil Karthi suburaj script first choose panni irrukalam





  • Unnikrishnan Unniroyals

    Unnikrishnan Unniroyals


    Karthik sir we want one more movie with enga thalaivar 🙏🙏

  • Narendar Sriram

    Narendar Sriram


    ‘Superstar movies, content illaama eduthale makkal paapanga. Andha mari padangal odumpothu than prachana varudhu’ - How ironic. :|

  • Siva Rajan

    Siva Rajan

     2 days ago

    karthik super Thalivarmass

  • varathu rajan

    varathu rajan

     2 days ago

    Very clever karthik. Great... even thalaivar cant do lke tat... only possible u will do tat

  • கவிஞர் தில்பாரதி Y.serthil

    கவிஞர் தில்பாரதி Y.serthil

     2 days ago


  • Jagan Venkatesan

    Jagan Venkatesan

     2 days ago +1

    Gud questions .. interviewer yaru pa logical and kekatha kelvigal

  • Abhishek Sukumaran

    Abhishek Sukumaran

     2 days ago

    I feel bad for Vijay sethupathi ❤️

  • S Dharun Nithish Kumar

    S Dharun Nithish Kumar

     2 days ago +3

    Trisha and Simran must be the pair in ur next film with our Thalaivar 😊😊😊😊

  • cricket fest

    cricket fest

     2 days ago

    Interviewer yaar pa.. Paaka Sundar pichai madiri irrukuaru... 😅😂😂😂