Intense Animation Squad Panel: VidCon 2018 Recap PART 2

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Part 2 of my VidCon 2018 recap! It's the story of being backstage for the crazy Animation Squad panel!PART 1:'s Disney Vlog: YOUTUBERS (in order of appearance):Daneboe: Hanson: Green: With Jazza: Blackery:'S SOCIAL STUFF: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: @RebeccaParham LME SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: Instagram: @LetMeExplainStudios Facebook:
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  • CypherDen


     11 months ago +1912

    Most of the other animators were in the back and when the panel ended a lot of fans ran towards us in the back. It was scary to say the least when a hoard of people are running towards you but they were the nicest bunch! We stayed until VidCon closed to meet everyone else that stayed afterwards. :)
    It was such a surreal experience and watching this always brings back the feels ❤️

  • Rainbow UniPenguins

    Rainbow UniPenguins

     5 months ago +1830


  • Gabrielle Todd

    Gabrielle Todd

     5 months ago +754

    I love how Dave’s hair gets longer each scene he’s in

  • Oscarcat37


     5 months ago +422

    Rebecca: What are your parents feeding you guys?
    Me: Lööps bröther

  • Willow_plays In The Meadow

    Willow_plays In The Meadow

     4 months ago +383

    James being James grabbing the first fan art he could lol James

  • Tys totally radical toenail

    Tys totally radical toenail

     11 months ago +1093

    Dave’s hair slowly consumes him.

  • The secrets Out- Exposure and science!

    The secrets Out- Exposure and science!

     5 months ago +263

    “Kinda made me feel like a rockstar”
    Some time later
    “Our fans= heavy metal concert”

  • Talented Lydia YT

    Talented Lydia YT

     2 months ago +76

    Rebecca: "How long should i draw Dave's hair?"
    also Rebecca: "yEs"

  • #fromsomanyfandoms !

    #fromsomanyfandoms !

     4 months ago +131

    Love how James is so short and Dave’s hair keeps growing longer and longer in each scene.

  • Some weird Furry

    Some weird Furry

     5 months ago +97

    I love how Rebecca made Dave (Boyinaband)'s hair longer every time he was on screen

  • illymation


     11 months ago +1546

    I love these recaps videos. It’s so cool to see where everyone’s paths crossed and intermingled! I’m glad you and tons of other animators are featured this year, and I’m so glad they’re making changes to accommodate! Can’t wait for the next vidcon ❤️

  • Squib1219


     4 months ago +51

    James is so short! XD
    I wonder if I'll ever join the animation crew...

  • French Texas productions

    French Texas productions

     2 months ago +30

    I love how James is just smiling when the security guard grabs him

  • Ryantube395


     4 months ago +38

    I love how the security guards compared an animator panel/meet up to a Black Sabbath concert that’s insane

  • Kennard Lim

    Kennard Lim

     4 months ago +46

    Scp 5001
    Also known as “crazed fan”
    Has breached contaiment

  • SomeThingElseYT


     11 months ago +3615

    As hectic as it got, it was the coolest feeling in the world (despite the security guard scaring the crap out of us haha). Next year is gonna be dope!!

  • sailor moon but lazy

    sailor moon but lazy

     4 months ago +35

    I love how Dave gradually gains more hair throughout the video

  • Katherina Karamaliki

    Katherina Karamaliki

     1 months ago +14

    Me : Can I get a video with all of my favourite youtubers, animators , singers and artists?

  • Oday Aboukheir

    Oday Aboukheir

     5 months ago +32

    1:02 wait Aaron was in vidcon.Thit you see jacksepticeye

  • Persona Productions

    Persona Productions


    Makes sense. Animation makes me go “Off to Never, Neverland”