NEW iPhone Xr & Xs Max Models Hands On!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • First Hands On With 2018 iPhone Xr & Xs Max Models! The New 6.1 & 6.5 Inch iPhones Are HUGE & Exciting! What a Leak!

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  • Lana


     1 months ago

    Vc é Brasileiro????? Esse sotaque está horrível kkkkkkkkkk

  • Marques Hill

    Marques Hill

     6 months ago

    I have the iPhone XR white and I named him Hedwig lol

  • Iqbal Khan

    Iqbal Khan

     7 months ago

    Pls tell me Iphone 9 will be come or not pls tell me

  • Kumar


     9 months ago +2

    Man i appreciate the work that you doing !!!
    But why would you make videos this long ??
    There are people like me who are really waiting every time to see the next video u post and like see the 10 minutes time duration on the video thumbnail !!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Robin D. Best

    Robin D. Best

     9 months ago

    59:59 I glitched YouTube

  • Gabriel Cocio

    Gabriel Cocio

     10 months ago

    Can I have a phone you got a billion

  • Andrew rouse

    Andrew rouse

     10 months ago

    Does anyone else think his voice is sexy asf 😱😱😍😍

  • DeFeNd3


     10 months ago +1

    So what's the newest iphone today the XS max!?

  • noobana


     11 months ago

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  • D K

    D K

     a years ago

    Hey Apple and all the other phone makers. How about adding battery life! Really we won’t care if it’s the size of a brick so long that it lasts more than a few hours! 😉 How is it my busted up Walkman from 3 decades ago can last for months on two AA batteries and your phone in 2019 last less than the damn morning and afternoon?! “Keeping People Connected” yeah, but to what?! To power outlets for I can’t even go mountain climbing without my charge finishing and my phone being absolutely worthless in case I need it. A walkie talky from the 1930s last longer than these shit ass phones! Or connected to government spying leaving no “free-time” that is not monitored meaning no privacy at all; thanks a fcking lot for helping them with that. And lets not leave out that they inevitably connect us to your wallets. I am sick to death when people speak about how far technology has come, because it actually hasn’t come anywhere but to some weird sort of self-slavery where we have to rely on your shit phones to keep us connected (Where the fck are all the old payphones!?) - we have to pay tons of money for our very own tracking/spy device that collects way too much unnecessary information btw - and how come every new phone year after year is closing these walls in on us more and more?! Shittier and shittier. I am just gonna throw my piece of shit smart phone in the sea now and go and get an old phone from the 80s or even a vintage walkie talkie that was made by human beings who actually had their fellow man’s best intentions in mind. Ufff.

  • metty 214

    metty 214

     a years ago

    How do you get the prototypes

  • cali vids

    cali vids

     a years ago

    He talks to fast

  • Ethan Bruce

    Ethan Bruce

     a years ago

    I have the iPhone XR

  • Salman Bile

    Salman Bile

     a years ago

    Bro please give me one and i will be appreciate that for my in tire life

  • joe jack

    joe jack

     a years ago

    What is the built in obsceletion feature for these phone?

  • Luca DelVecchio

    Luca DelVecchio

     a years ago

    I have the iphone xr in blue

  • Susan Graham

    Susan Graham

     a years ago

    I got the iPhone XS Max Silver 256GB and I'm in love with it.

  • Penguin Channel

    Penguin Channel

     a years ago


  • Elxinuss


     a years ago +1

    iPhone X s 😋

  • Tim Tran

    Tim Tran

     a years ago

    The 8+ look bigger than the X (8.04) but the screen size said differently, 8+ is 5'5 the X is 5'8 . You had too many send me one over Oz that's would be nice.