Everything Is Magnetic! Moving Water With Magnets And Levitating Frogs

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 11, 2016
  • Here is a video of the levitating frog shot by physicist Andre Geim in his "Friday Night Experiments":

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    This is another Hydraulic Press Action Extra video science moment. Watch as I show how everything is magnetic. I show how everything is diamagnetic-it repels a magnetic field. First I show off my N52 Neodymium magnets. Then I show how if the magnetic field is applied to low friction column of water you can actually push water with a magnet. Then I show the same effect on wood. Ultimately, I guess my point is that Magneto from X-men should be able to manipulate anything with his magnetic powers since everything truly is magnetic. I show a picture of a frog levitating in a very strong magnetic field.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/mMDRqKmqVNs


  • RawRs and Oreos

    RawRs and Oreos


    Thanks. This was very helpful for studying

  • Lee Risinger

    Lee Risinger

     14 days ago

    How people float in space.

  • joseph hoover

    joseph hoover

     14 days ago

    The foam has a magnetic field

  • Joe Bem

    Joe Bem

     1 months ago

    I feel you're on to the understanding of the mileniums.

  • Rayne FR

    Rayne FR

     1 months ago

    Magnetos wiki says he can communicate with planets due to his ability to control magnetic forces which all planets generate

  • Sir Miles

    Sir Miles

     1 months ago

    Great point. I made two diving rods yesterday from coat hangers. I was able to immediately locate water sources in and out of the house and every electrical source in and out of the house. God is amazing

  • veronica horton

    veronica horton

     1 months ago

    I am being invisibly raped and my brain and other body parts messed with. It is torture. Ongoing since Feb. 2019
    My head gives off a magnetic field that rare earth magnets can detect, it is obviously being controlled by people as video after the first poor takes, fail to perform, and I feel the head pressures move around.
    Lasers are used in my homes (I have moved multiple times).
    What would make this possible?

    I have a lot of theories, and there are multiple bad things happening to me.

    Nerves get externally accessed too. I have ideas surrounding how hypersonic sound works but with EMS to get this used.

    I have video of nerves being accessed on my dozing bf.



     1 months ago

    There's a needle inside the styrofoam. As you can see the in the beginning of the video the man is laughing in advance.



     1 months ago

    How do we not know there is something metallic in the styrofoam?? You mean just word of mouth. Alright I believe you.

  • SolarJudgement


     2 months ago

    Can you do the same thing with paramagnetism? To pull organic materials toward the electromagnet?

  • john blake

    john blake

     3 months ago

    Magneto can do is op in the comics.

  • Nick Why?

    Nick Why?

     3 months ago

    Can you please show yourself doing this 'trick' with a wider angle so we can see how you're really doing it.

  • Dido Sauce

    Dido Sauce

     4 months ago


  • L D

    L D

     5 months ago

    Magneto already does that. He uses his force field to repel attacks.

  • Henry Dan Hategan

    Henry Dan Hategan

     5 months ago

    Where's the fucking video of the fucking frog.you fucking fuck

  • Lars


     6 months ago

    It only works because of both of the fabrics are polar. This doesn't work with apolar fabrics so you can't manipulate all fabrics.

  • This Guy

    This Guy

     6 months ago

    vaping intensifies

  • Spiritual Gangster of The Arc

    Spiritual Gangster of The Arc

     7 months ago

    Anyone wanna see water droplets ORBITING around a static source on board the ISS?

  • Sz Planet

    Sz Planet

     7 months ago

    Yes, it's true. We have everywhere magnetic fields

  • Level With Me

    Level With Me

     9 months ago +9

    Electromagnetism cause the sun moon stars move around and around... Gravity is pseudo-science!!! # FlatEarth200ProofsWe'reNotOnaSpinningBallbyEricDubay