STAR WARS HISHE Compilation Volume One

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 7, 2017
  • A Star Wars HISHE Compilation with Episodes 1 through 6.
    As we wait for The Last Jedi, here is every HISHE episode that takes place within the first 2 trilogies.

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  • Ace Maxximus

    Ace Maxximus

     an hour ago

    28:29 What we we're expecting to happen at the end of TROS

  • Skrubtendo


     6 hours ago

    Now this is pod racing!

  • Nick S

    Nick S

     7 hours ago

    Do you feel in charge?

  • James Bond

    James Bond

     10 hours ago


  • Hfj Dhduc

    Hfj Dhduc

     10 hours ago +1

    Why does Jar-Jar get killed every time

  • MrRickstopher


     11 hours ago

    "Why are you shocking yourself? He's... Very effective please hurry."

  • Barbutt


     12 hours ago

    Much better than Disney did.

  • Niels Ten Caat

    Niels Ten Caat

     15 hours ago

    What if Darth Vader really made the dad joke, and him was told he was a dad, would he be turned to the light side again lol? ahahahaha. What if Darth vader really was like that.

  • Nunya Business

    Nunya Business

     15 hours ago +1

    you do know there was no clone army in phantom menace the army is in episodes 2-3 not 1

  • cendy gorbet

    cendy gorbet

     15 hours ago

    I like how Vader want to kill palpatine after he lied to him

  • AG-Parrot


     15 hours ago

    i love how Queen Amidala (the fake one) has a much better voice actor here than in the actual movie

  • foxy the boy

    foxy the boy

     17 hours ago

    Pew pew pew

  • foxy the boy

    foxy the boy

     17 hours ago

    Luke is the jedi

  • Afonso Sampaio

    Afonso Sampaio

     17 hours ago

    "tell me more about S A N D"

  • Noah Luedee

    Noah Luedee

     17 hours ago

    At 15:11 if you turn on English subtitles, they say "One with the balls with me and now I have a lightsaber"

  • Keenan Fehrenbacher

    Keenan Fehrenbacher

     18 hours ago

    27:32 Protective father

  • sophie downs

    sophie downs

     19 hours ago

    Darth Vader: I’m not a father
    Fans: you are a father

  • Tarik Kovacevic

    Tarik Kovacevic

     20 hours ago

    I love when anakin reacts while he finds out he is father

  • Juan Darío Hernández

    Juan Darío Hernández

     22 hours ago +1

    14:09 I DIED with this. 😅😅😅

  • Doge Boi 999

    Doge Boi 999

     23 hours ago

    From my point of view you have the LAVA GROUND!