The Almost Perfect Team (Heist Night 1/5)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 6, 2017
  • I’m great with demolitions, but they never ask me. They’re just like “keep writing Youtube captions.” Whatever.See more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comCASTAlly BeardsleyRaphael ChestangGrant O'BrienZac OyamaKatie MarovitchMike TrappRekha ShankarSam ReichAdam Conover Siobhan ThompsonCynthia KaoGus - Robert StephensAdam's Assistant - Matt CordovaTailor - Frankie McLaffertyCREWDirector - Michael SchaubachWriter - Mike Trapp, Grant O'Brien1st Assistant Director - Liz SacksProducer - Shane CrownProduction Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Director of Photography - Luc Delamare1st AC - Christian Armada1st AC - Justin LeeGaffer - Devin WilsonGaffer - Vince ValentinKey Grip - Justin LeeKey Grip - Logan FultonSound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown SoundProduction Designer - Peter MacalusoHMU - Kathleen PardoPresident of Original Content - Sam ReichSenior Vice President of Production - Spencer GriffinExecutive in Charge of Production - Sam SparksSupervising Producer - Alex EdgeProduction Legal - Karen SegallProduction Accountant - Shay ParsonsProduction Accountant - Chetera BellProduction Assistant - Kennya RiveraProduction Assistant - Esmeralda PelayoProduction Assistant - Yael EgnalProduction Assistant - Kevin Clark-RyanPost Production Supervisor - Melissa BalanPost Production Coordinator - Marissa HighContent Management Supervisor - Theodora HartProgramming Assistant - Caroline LangellaEditor - Michael SchaubachVisual Effects & Graphics - TJ GonzalezHead Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark ChernausekAssistant Editor - Brittany JoynerImage Attribution:Dice by b_fariasAce of Spades by sahua_dPoker Chip by mikiconMartini Glass by MilkoCherry by Grant Taylor
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  • HoneyGolds


     2 years ago +1495

    I guess you could say Adam Ruined Everything

  • Arlo Mates

    Arlo Mates

     2 years ago +1374

    I would have waited for my wagon repairs if I knew it was getting in the way of a good heist.
    I'm sorry guys.

  • Hedgehog Fox

    Hedgehog Fox

     2 years ago +288

    Adam is now too successful to hang out with you guys. Saaaad. :(

  • Nick Millette

    Nick Millette

     2 years ago +280

    I love how Amir's name is already crossed out on the list

  • Inigo Fenwick

    Inigo Fenwick

     2 years ago +2968

    It is good that you didn't include Adam cos Adam ruins everything...

  • Massiv1027


     2 years ago +630

    On the list: Emily and Murph, Jake & Amir, Owen, Sarah, Streeter, Dan G., Caldwell XD Damn you!

  • Der Eskapist

    Der Eskapist

     2 years ago +428

    "Noo, that's something else" i died..XD

  • Grad Tolentino

    Grad Tolentino

     a years ago +270

    This is way better than oceans 11

  • That Cool Dalek

    That Cool Dalek

     2 years ago +43

    I thought Siobhan was coming back and I was so happy Siobhan is my favorite please return Siobhan

  • NerdyGeeky


     2 years ago +1281

    I miss you old crew so much! The new crew are still great but where's e'eryone been at?!

  • FutbolVinotinto21


     2 years ago +118

    Its so good that you guys are making another series! Btw, are you guys ever gonna do an allnighter again? Its been years and they were so good...

  • Johnhouse 125

    Johnhouse 125

     2 months ago +19

    “It says 6,7”.”
    “IM 6,9”.”
    Now I get it



     2 years ago +239

    Wait I read, 'Heisty Nightstat'

  • Mlyods


     2 years ago +46

    money ALOT
    -CollegeHumer 2017

  • hi hi

    hi hi

     2 years ago +971

    "Guys we need an outro"
    "What if we let grant eat an apple?"

  • Jason Atkinson

    Jason Atkinson

     2 years ago +46

    At the very end you can see Zach really trying not to break character and I was dying with laughter hahahaha

  • Ramonerdna


     2 years ago +38

    Cynthia's roar was kinda hot

  • Ankit Sharma

    Ankit Sharma

     9 months ago +13

    Better than Ocean's 8

  • Grace


     2 years ago +13

    Lol I saw that Rat Pack message on the fridge

  • jonamedhatten


     2 years ago +13