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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 13, 2019
  • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son. John 3:16 , God is LOVE !! True LOVE is JESUS CHRIST HIS love changed my life ,made my life as a Testimony.Glory to HIm Like ,share this song to many and dont forget to subscribe!! GBULyrics,Tune, Composed by Manoj Davidmusic Mixing by Enoch JaganDOPSunil Jones,Nishanth Special Thanks to :Komal Swaroop (Kimmi)Citylife Christian books & Cofee shopSpecial thanks to JCHSIM Boys , Vijay Telugu Lyrics ఎవరయ్యా నీలా ప్రేమించేది...(2)ఎందుకయ్యా నేన్నంటే నీకంత జాలీ... (2)అందరు నన్ను విడచిన వేలఆశ్రయదూర్గమైనావు(2)దీనుడనై పడియున్న నన్ను ని ప్రేమతో ఆదరించావు(2)ఆశ్రయము ఆదరణ నీవయ్యా........... యేసయ్య...నా ప్రీయుడ నా గీతం నీకేనయ్యా....యేసయ్య...ఆశ్రయము ఆదరణ నీవయ్యా........... యేసయ్య...నా ప్రీయుడ నా గీతం నీకేనయ్యా.......ఎవరు చూపని ప్రేమను చూపినా హృది నీవు గెలిచావు...(2)ఎనలేని ప్రేమను నాకందించి ని పనికై నన్ను పిలిచావు...(2)అతిశయము ఆనందంనీవయ్య......యేసయ్య..(2)నా ప్రీయుడ నా ప్రాణంనీవేనయ్య.... యేసయ్య..(2).
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  • Linda Monalisa

    Linda Monalisa

     6 months ago +34

    One of the amazing songs that brought tears in my eyes. The way he was hogging biscutes, I was waiting for someone to love me all my life. But God transformed my life completely. He changed. He gave me only the best today. Amazing song

  • vinay riderboy

    vinay riderboy

     6 months ago +50

    I am hindu and I am in love with his song Anna God bless u bro

  • SüññY Döñ

    SüññY Döñ

     4 months ago +21

    I'm From Hindu family but now I realized the real living God . PRAISE THE LORD

  • Risha Honey

    Risha Honey

     6 months ago +15

    కన్నీళ్లు జాలువారె నా కన్నుల నుండి... యేసయ్య ఎందుకయ్యా నా పై నీ కంత ప్రేమ

  • Kurakula Lavanya

    Kurakula Lavanya


    Super god bless you bro

  • thabhitha pattika

    thabhitha pattika

     7 days ago +2

    Praise god
    Song fantastic
    God bless you always brother 🙌
    Praise the lord annaya 🙏

  • Srinu Kurala

    Srinu Kurala

     6 months ago +8

    Chala bagundi..Baga padaru brother... Good song

  • Nissy Victoria

    Nissy Victoria

     2 months ago +6

    When I hear this song heart filled with joy...
    Tq for the song ....
    Let god be glorified....😊😊

  • rayani theresa

    rayani theresa

     6 months ago +9

    I got tears in my eyes when I listened to this song God bless u brother .

  • Anusha Gorre

    Anusha Gorre

     6 months ago +7

    Yes anna ee lokam lo evariprema shashwatjmham kaduuu god love change our life

  • Blessy Victoria

    Blessy Victoria

     2 months ago +5

    Tears are rolling..
    What an amazing song ..
    That voice was the best
    Can't stop hearing this song all day...

  • G Prasad G Prasad

    G Prasad G Prasad

     1 months ago +2

    Yes, it true no one can love like god. Super song bro



     6 months ago +4

    Amazing song Anna.. Can't express it in words just loved it. What a testimony Anna..amazing All glory to our loving and mighty God Jesus alone.. God bless you abundantly anna. 🙌🙌

  • Suman Birru

    Suman Birru

     4 months ago +4

    Super song bro GOD BLESS YOU

  • jessyruthprabhu vanama

    jessyruthprabhu vanama

     6 months ago +2

    God bless u bro.....

  • Sandhya Bhoopathy

    Sandhya Bhoopathy

     4 months ago +3

    Jesus love is unconditional ❤️👍👌

  • Bezawada Deevena

    Bezawada Deevena

     5 months ago +4

    Mind blowing.......continuously listening......

  • lavanya sambaru

    lavanya sambaru

     5 months ago +4

    God bless uhh brother...😇

  • Nissy Victoria

    Nissy Victoria

     2 months ago +2

    Can u provide track for these song

  • Epsiba 99

    Epsiba 99

     5 months ago +4

    A very soul touching song njoying the voice music song ,each and every bit of the song even though I don't know telugu with the help of my frnd I came to know the meaning of each lyrics of this song in Tamil.Tq annaiya for this meaningfull song this maded me to know the luv which God has on me