Sailor Moon Lost in Translation

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 30, 2019
  • Sign up for DROPOUT: the INTERNATIONAL app here: available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the U.S.Amy Vorpahl, Emma Fyffe, and Stef Woodburn ponder Pluto's planethood and remember Bilbo's birthday.FOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails: VorpahlEmma FyffeStef WoodburnMike TrappCREWDirector - Michael SchaubachWriter - Michael SaltzmanProducer - Jessie HixenbaughProduction Coordinator - Olivia AguilarDirector of Photography - Carter RossHMU - Denise Renee ValentineSound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown SoundVFX Artist - TJ GonzalezEditor - Eve Hinz
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  • Van Hellsing

    Van Hellsing

     4 months ago +807

    Ahm actually, Bandersnatch is not a monster but a britisch actor mostly know for his role Sherlock holmes

  • GrimBonez


     4 months ago +207

    These are 1000x more interesting when u have people who actually know stuff. Really cool episode so far
    (One day ill get dropout and finish it)
    I need an episode with mike as on of the contestants.

  • nidoqueen106


     4 months ago +849

    Um Actually... NOT all sailor scouts have "elemental" powers. There's Sailor Pluto who has the power of Time Travel which last I checked ISNT an element in any form

  • drybrawler


     4 months ago +551

    I'm intimidated by all three contestants knowledge and nit picking. This is refreshing after a few videos of just jokes or no points given.



     4 months ago +397

    - Crush her opponents!
    - Crush The Patriarchy!
    - Crush any chance of having a bad time!

  • gutspraygore


     4 months ago +55

    That's so weird. My real name is Fred, but my wife calls me a gelatinous cube.

  • James Harrod

    James Harrod

     4 months ago +187

    Um actually, this was a really fun and refreshing episode of the show and all the guests were brilliant. I think I'm going to subscribe to Dropout on pay day

  • No Refunds

    No Refunds

     4 months ago +268

    "OHHH. OH OHHH OHHHH!" I just got VERY offended.
    If I was smarter, I would've laughed at the underlying joke instead of the hilarious noise.

  • Evan Bell

    Evan Bell

     4 months ago +37

    "That is more correct but I am not going to give it to you"

  • MorleyQ


     4 months ago +34

    Um actually, Lewis Carroll was NOT EVER on drugs. He was a deacon at Oxford Christ Church as well as a mathematics lecturer, and didn't even drink, let alone do drugs. Also, given that he lived in 19th century England, the only drug he could have done was opium, which is not a hallucinogen.
    Jabberwocky was written originally as a tongue-in-cheek parody of anglo-saxon poetry, and was later expanded when it was included in Through The Looking-glass And What Alice Found There in 1871.
    Also, it's the Jubjub Bird, not Jubjub Beast.

  • Amber Bastianelli

    Amber Bastianelli

     4 months ago +154

    Um actually, another correction on the Jaberwocky is that it's called the "jubjub bird" not the "jubjub beast"

  • jahwi jawando

    jahwi jawando

     4 months ago +163

    The Early bird gets to make bad jokes in the comments.

  • Shiloh Skye

    Shiloh Skye

     4 months ago +32

    When Emma started talking about the accuracy of the translated languages in Sailor Moon I could only describe my reaction as similar to the surprised Pikachu meme.

  • Fairfieldfencer


     4 months ago +20

    Um, actually... Even if that book had been The Iron Giant, they all would have been wrong because the book the movie was inspired by was actually called The Iron Man.

  • Uatemydoodle


     4 months ago +27

    Um actually, this is probably the best episode yet.

  • Legozachk


     4 months ago +19

    Despite all the “table talk” during this game (which i normally dont like) this episode was really entertaining! Props!

  • Erik Brandt

    Erik Brandt

     4 months ago +25

    Um, Actually... Trapp has never been so giddy on an episode before.. I wonder why.

  • Obliterator of Trolls

    Obliterator of Trolls

     4 months ago +117

    Um actually...
    Stef could've punched a toddler and pledged her allegiance to ISIS and she'd still just kill me with that wink.

  • Nicholas


     4 months ago +53

    Why would you not title these videos "Um, Actually - Episode XX" ?

  • dannybob42


     4 months ago +60

    Um Actually, I only heard them get referred to as Sailor Guardians and they don't all have elemental powers.
    Also Um Actually, Jabberwocky was in Through the Looking-Glass, not Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    Um Actually, I thought we agreed in Season 1 that being 'more right' grants you the point
    Um Actually they spelled Pet Sematary wrong so they shouldn't get a point