Final Fantasy VII Remake Full Gameplay Premiere Presentation | Square Enix E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Learn why the Final Fantasy 7 remake is made for newcomers and veterans alike--and get a look at some fresh gameplay!

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  • TheTwentyFour


     2 days ago

    Hey, ATB still exists! They didn't ruin turn based tactical after-all! Here's hoping PC version isn't multiple years down the road...

  • the patriot

    the patriot

     21 days ago +3

    If this won't release on pc same day I m going to kill someone

  • Michaela Chytilová

    Michaela Chytilová

     21 days ago +1

    Tetsuya Nomura walking to One winged angel
    me: this madlad is absolute unit

  • ZeiMa DeiPe

    ZeiMa DeiPe

     21 days ago


  • M26


     a months ago

    Looks good. I have played original FF7 throughout about 18 times now. I hope it is as good, because i bought 300€ elite version of this new game also.

  • JiveTurkey0001


     a months ago

    Is Sephiroth the baddest FF character ever?


  • Tam Chompson

    Tam Chompson

     a months ago

    As if I couldn't be more pumped, I just realized how sick the music in this game is going to be

  • David T

    David T

     a months ago

    So this is PS4 exclusive? If so I'm heading to marketplace

  • ash072


     a months ago

    Wonder what the Ruby, Diamond, and Emerald weapon fights will be like!!

  • ash072


     a months ago

    Hope they still let us rename the characters!

  • Jhoni Carlos

    Jhoni Carlos

     a months ago

    SQUARE, PLZ, don't ressurect dead characters. this part of story have to be like it is...

  • Arooj Askari

    Arooj Askari

     a months ago

    I love how everyone screams when Tifa comes on screen.

  • Twon Jonson

    Twon Jonson

     a months ago

    4:47 is all that matters

  • VegasLowBlower


     a months ago

    its looking more like a ff8 remake

  • Dreagone Fire

    Dreagone Fire

     a months ago

    I do not want an action game.. F*ck off square enix, you can keep your remake for ADHD kids.

  • odiem yo

    odiem yo

     a months ago

    2 blu ray audience "WOOO" Me : but Midgar thats only dics 1 of ff7

  • The Truth

    The Truth

     a months ago

    I prefer Japanese language with English subtitle instead of hearing the ghetto English voices.

  • Daniel Burke

    Daniel Burke

     a months ago

    All flash and no substance.

  • Massimiliano85


     a months ago

    I really hope that they will keep difference in all playable companion's way of fight...
    We see Cloud swing and slash Buster sword around, Barret doing lead shower to enemy, Tifa street fight style...
    I need red 13 to be the fastest of all cause he is quadrupedal, Yuffie need to be the throwing and stealing expert, Caith Sith need to be a characters based on lucky attack, Cid a fast and agile spear wielder.... and of course my boy Vincent need to be a real sniper with guns and rifles, with a completly changed style when he transform..... i wanna play him as Galian beast and hellmasker!!!!

  • むさつ


     a months ago

    the remake of FFVII is really causing me to be impatient I can hardly wait!!!