Final Fantasy VII Remake Full Gameplay Premiere Presentation | Square Enix E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Learn why the Final Fantasy 7 remake is made for newcomers and veterans alike--and get a look at some fresh gameplay!For even more in-depth coverage visit:
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  • Bleed These Colours

     16 days ago

    I love the fact that Cloud has more lines in this demo alone than the entirety of Advent Children haha!

  • I Am Happy And I Deserve It

     8 days ago

    Zack Fair Yep but not the same director as final fantasy vii so idk the outcome of the plot

  • Zack Fair

     9 days ago

    @I Am Happy And I Deserve It isnt there like FF 16 in production aswell?

  • Kissy, Kissy!

     14 days ago

    Audience should've all dressed in black cloaks and mumbled "Reunion ... "

  • Francisco Olivares

     8 days ago

    Then we will have to do this on the release date at GameStop.

  • Epyonwings

     8 days ago

    Kissy, Kissy! lol

  • LT Senior

     12 days ago

    Oddly enough I've never heard barrett's voice but he sounds exactly how I remember somehow

  • Chris H

     2 days ago

    @Tilearian It was sarcasm. I was just joking around... But, yes, there are those that would argue that seeing a large black man and assuming that he sounds like Mr. T is a bit racist... I don't necessarily think that per se... But it is an interesting introspection into the basis of prejudice etc.

  • Tilearian

     2 days ago

    @Chris H what are you getting at though?Like he sounds racist and you were being sarcastic in how he doesn't sound racist for saying what he said, or are you saying that he actually doesn't sound racist and you're being honest?

  • theuncanspan

     14 days ago

    What a smart way to retain the turn based element by using the slow-mo technique.

  • Stephen Ray

     5 days ago

    @Cassius 22 actually you had an option for Wait mode in ATB and it was based on speed of the characters who went first. Time stood still while choosing abilities and it kind of was turn based as a result.That said, there were things about it that made you have to go strategically. For example, if I had Counterattack materia on Cloud, used Knights of the Round with Red XIII, and selected Mime with Tifa. The plan might be to mimic Red XIII but if the opponent hit Cloud it would then be countered and Mi...

  • Cassius 22

     5 days ago

    Dude, the slow mo has been there since FFXII. Even though it pauses not slow down, it's basically the same. And FFVII wasn't turn based but ATB, FFX was Conditional Turn Based. The combat is kept intact by the ATB charge really. The fact that you need the ATB charge to use items and spells and abilities, is genius. The regular attacks in the remake is like they combined waiting with attacking from the original. They learned from FFXV mistakes.

  • Ryan Kelly

     14 days ago

    I haven't bought a gaming system since PS2. Guess that will be changing.

  • Nathan Tompson

     6 days ago

    @Nazyair sengikar nope. Not scrappes. They don't even know how many episodes.You sound as ignorant as the people who kept saying FF7 is coming out for the ps3

  • PhiloBot

     8 days ago

    @Epyonwings Oh.. but exploring the world also sounds nice.

  • My YouTube Life!

     16 days ago

    Getting childhood flashbacks in hd graphics lol

  • bob noneya

     5 days ago

    @Sephiroth Crescent15 was and it looks like the same system as 15. Did and have played the og. the point is to trigger nostalgia that's why the game is being remade, people that played and love the original game have been asking for years... But they changed the game so....

  • Sephiroth Crescent

     5 days ago

    @bob noneya it's not a God damn hack and slash. Like the old combat system? Play the og

  • Kakarot

     15 days ago

    Cyberpunk 2077: ExistsFF VII: Hold my Buster Sword

  • Epyonwings

     8 days ago


  • HokageHD

     9 days ago

    Rest In Peace to the FF7 fans that we have lost on the way to not be able to play this remarkable remake

  • Danny A

     21 hours ago

    What a deeply sad but thoughtful comment. 🙏🏽

  • Marathon Flow

     23 hours ago


  • Fernando Sosa

     15 days ago

    I love that you have the option to choose between turn based and real time combat. Great decision.

  • Sorin Noctis

     4 days ago

    @PhiloBot but im not here to argue that turn base is better than action base. My point is that there is room for both. If you dont like turn base thats fine but, understand that there is a lot of people who do.

  • killer92173

     5 days ago

    I LOVE everyone's reactions when Tifa finally appeared!! Square Enix knew what they were doing!!!