All Upcoming MCU Phase 4 Characters And Crossovers Explained

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • Introducing The Marvel Phase Four Cast And All The Upcoming MCU Crossover Content

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    There are so many great new heroes getting ready to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it can be hard to keep track of them all! We’ll take a closer look at the highly-anticipated Phase Four and take you through all the characters explained. Thor Love and Thunder will feature Jane Foster but what will happen to the original Odinson? Scarlet Witch is in not just one but two new projects, WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Eternals will bring tons of new characters including the Black Knight, not to be confused with the Moon Knight, who is getting his own show. Then of course there’s the long-awaited Black Widow movie featuring Natasha Romanoff, the Red Guardian, and Yelena Belova. We already have Carol Danvers in the MCU but now we’ll get to see Ms. Marvel also known as Kamala Khan. There will be plenty of familiar faces including those of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which follows the titular heroes after the events of Avengers: Endgame. We’ll also get to see Clint Barton train Kate Bishop in the show Hawkeye. And of course we’ll also get some answers on the Loki show, including what happened to him after he got his hands on the Space Stone when our heroes went back in time to the Battle of New York.

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  • muddyfarmer oscuras

    muddyfarmer oscuras

     23 hours ago

    We still don't know if the eternals are going to be apart of the Earth 616 continuity as there's a plot hole. The deviant gene, later named the mutant gene hasn't even made a small appearance or cameo in the current mcu. Mutants just don't exist.

  • Unruly Ronin

    Unruly Ronin


    Daredevil on the thumbnail, but NOT in the video.... that's a new low even for you

  • Johnathon


     2 days ago

    My head is spinning

  • Mike Schaefer

    Mike Schaefer

     2 days ago

    Bait and click with Daredevil was low-down dirty

  • Paul A DAigle

    Paul A DAigle

     3 days ago

    Too bad they cancelled Hawkeye.

  • Fernando Jara C

    Fernando Jara C

     4 days ago


  • Dustin Beasley

    Dustin Beasley

     4 days ago

    Its Ok to race swap or gender swap if were kicking out white men but not ok if were kicking any woman or black people out. Hypocrisy level over 9,000!

  • Stewart bates

    Stewart bates

     6 days ago

    Another WOKE movie!

  • Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

    Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

     6 days ago +2

    And we didn't mention Daredevil because.........

  • Jeremy Rosendahl

    Jeremy Rosendahl

     6 days ago

    Marc F'n Spector

  • Lael Peters

    Lael Peters

     7 days ago

    A lot of this is a big advertisement for Disney + and a way to ensure subscribers flock to the network with $$$ in hand.. !!
    Also, how is it true to the comic books to substitute so many of the originally male characters of The Eternals, with female characters simply to satisfy a gender equality agenda

  • white cheddah plays

    white cheddah plays

     7 days ago +1

    y do they gotta change characters so damn mutch to where it isn't the character anymore sad sauce (cuz beople get "triggered")

  • Justin Davidson

    Justin Davidson

     7 days ago +3

    Why are they giving all the male super hero roles to women??? Why ruin them there are plenty female heros

  • Frank D

    Frank D

     7 days ago

    Thanks for the Daredevil heads up everyone.

  • Dean Johnson

    Dean Johnson

     7 days ago

    You click baiting assholes. I wanted news about Daredevil!
    *spoilers people! There is none!

  • wunjothurisaz


     7 days ago

    JENNIFER Walters, not Jessica!!

  • JENDALL714


     7 days ago

    Black Widow is going to be a Romantic Comedy?

  • Michael Rhett

    Michael Rhett

     7 days ago

    Not watching. don't need to b/c I know there's no Daredevil. nice try. not really

  • Uncle John

    Uncle John

     7 days ago

    So fans wont see eldris alba as the blue marvel which whom is a powerful blackman just like superman.

  • Uncle John

    Uncle John

     7 days ago

    What is the big damn deal that the mcu is showing so much racism against black women being ms marvel.