OnePlus 7 Pro POP UP CAMERA Durability Drop Test! Will It Survive?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro has an incredible design, made possible by it's pop up camera, but how durable is the pop up camera itself? Many of us are worried about whether it can survive a drop directly onto the camera, so how durable is the OnePlus 7 Pro pop up camera? Let's find out in this video!
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  • MJ

     1 months ago

    I for one really appreciate seeing what this phone can handle those are common situations. it's a lot of money down the toilet for one simple drop. I've had my OnePlus 6 for 1 year now and it still looks like it's brand new but I'm a little worried about if I buy this for 750 plus dollars how hard is it going to be to keep it in great shape. Great video and information. Thanks.

  • takeshi696969

     4 hours ago

    @plockacherrys i fucked up.will fix it later

  • plockacherrys

     20 hours ago

    @takeshi696969 lies u just wrote 2 years

  • Free Hairlines

     20 days ago

    who feels bad for this amazing phone

  • Myem

     7 days ago

    Momon of Darkness same

  • Momon of Darkness

     12 days ago

    I feel bad cos i can't afford it

  • Manoj Modi

     22 hours ago

    I got 5 heart attacks while watching this. 🤒 - 1+7pro user😅

  • Search Exam Material

     27 days ago

    _Someone with Oneplus 7pro..._*Will never drop his phone like this*☆☆☆☆☆

  • Jack Bray

     17 days ago

    As the owner of a OnePlus 7 Pro, I can guarantee this is 100% accurate.

  • Robin Ingves

     4 days ago

    It's horrible to watch this with my brand new OnePlus 7 pro. Feels like im forcing it to tell his cousins murder😥😭

  • Albin George

     1 months ago

    Everyone was concerned wether the pop up camera will survive the drop. It was the only thing that survived after the test.. lol 😂

  • Antonio Macedo

     13 days ago

    What surprises me is that stating the obvious gave you this much thumbs up.

  • the sun

     16 days ago

    @LastStopGaming if u use the front camera 150 times a day it'll last 5 years so it'll be fine

  • Niranjan Sankar


    I was watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro...

  • Georgi Vanev

     14 days ago

    FBI hates this phone.

  • Andrin

     a months ago

    This beautiful screen💯I can't stand watching this😭😂😂

  • Gaptain4

     29 days ago

    One Plus : We have a new phone for ya..Some rich guy : Breaks the 500$ phone.Viewers : "I am broke"

  • Ozy de Cat

     13 hours ago

    It's 900$ here

  • Billy Reiko

     16 hours ago

    Nikholas Pappas go on plus Canada, you can see the prices for yourself