Boomer Triggers Gen-Z Snowflakes. Brad Upton

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 31, 2019
  • Nothing triggers a Gen-Z snowflakes like a boomer with a lot to say, and trust us, Brad Upton has a lot to say! Give us an "Okay Boomer" in the comments and go watch more comedy by downloading the Dry Bar Comedy App now available on all iOS and Android devices
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  • yo


     3 minutes ago

    Gen-z are younger than 20, he is talking about millenials.

  • Nathan Duke

    Nathan Duke

     an hour ago

    Title made me think it was a Jordan Peterson spin-off like the “Change my Mind” booth.

  • Lucky Jones

    Lucky Jones

     an hour ago

    Meh. This is the same stuff the guys at my job talk about. It’s just not original.

  • Ulises Urquia

    Ulises Urquia

     3 hours ago

    You know what happened to the dumb kids? They didn't make it.

    Flawless xD

  • skorpia g

    skorpia g

     4 hours ago

    Great comedian. Change the title

  • SoConFuzzled


     4 hours ago

    2:55 initials🤦‍♂️makes jokes but can't even get his grammar or facts right and he's saying we're the dumb ones who made it out alive

    It's called an acronym

  • SoConFuzzled


     4 hours ago

    0:11 when you're trying to be funny but you're just a boomer and don't know that cash is not being used anymore 😂

  • bossman 679

    bossman 679

     5 hours ago

    I came here thinking "ok, boomer" and now I'm thinking, "ok cool, boomer"

  • John Walker

    John Walker

     5 hours ago


  • Kevin Lew

    Kevin Lew

     5 hours ago

    I had a picture of a 45 insert on a T-shirt. The young folks didn’t know what it was, let alone a 45.

  • blackmarketarmy


     6 hours ago +1

    No one is triggered, everyone is laughing

  • Darren Helman

    Darren Helman

     7 hours ago

    I'm confused he thinks he's making us angry? I'm pretty sure this is clickbait I know what alot of these items are he stated and how they work but most the items I have or use on a daily basis would confuse anyone of his age.

  • smithwez1101


     8 hours ago

    Gen x , we aren't worried, working, and laughing at the title and millineals

  • Yfrboy


     9 hours ago

    The title was written by a Boomer, and he was referring to everyone in the comment section, who was triggered by the title, as Gen-Z Snowflakes.

  • TheNewSchoolGamer


     9 hours ago

    This is absolute gold ahahaha

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

     10 hours ago

    For everyone complaining about the title I need to explain a concept to you. There is this thing that some people do, we call it joking.

    This boomer was joking, and you got triggered by the title. Guess who the joke is on.

  • Your Dog Fluffy

    Your Dog Fluffy

     10 hours ago

    When a guy makes a list of things for his wife to do, its most accurately reffered to as a suicide note!

    (Think I'm wrong, just ask Epstein)

  • I Don't Know Anymore

    I Don't Know Anymore

     11 hours ago

    An attempt was made to trigger gen z, it failed
    We just over here vibe in with our phones nothing matters anymore but our phones so we say ok boomer

  • NiftyTheLynx


     11 hours ago +1

    20 something's are millennials

  • DomSchra 156

    DomSchra 156

     14 hours ago

    Well, I'm not a snowflake, that's for sure