I'm Comfortable, Not Soft

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 11, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ihsC16UzzFE


  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +599

    Nothing's softer than not beginning a free trial of DROPOUT! Fuggedaboutit! https://bit.ly/2sX294r

  • hiraest


     5 months ago +5888

    rekha’s east coast accent is basically baby speak with a tinge of brooklyn and I’m here for it

  • james d

    james d

     5 months ago +2216

    That accent was New York, Jersey and Boston all wrapped in a Jewish mother burrito.

  • Steviebear


     5 months ago +649

    I love that Raph slowly conformed to Rhekka’s accent...

  • Ethan Sloan

    Ethan Sloan

     5 months ago +348

    Rekha's accent is terrible and I want it in every sketch from now on.

  • Prince Lunair

    Prince Lunair

     5 months ago +699

    Mr.Vegetable I just want to let you know:
    I hear you
    I see you
    I appreciate you
    People do need you
    You matter
    And I love you :’(

  • Lucas Castro

    Lucas Castro

     5 months ago +4151

    Why is Reika speaking UwU?

  • Eric Garcia-Miranda

    Eric Garcia-Miranda

     5 months ago +474

    Lol "is soft contagious?" I love it. He always plays the weirdest characters.

  • Samaya Sidd

    Samaya Sidd

     5 months ago +288

    I feel like this whole sketch was built around Mr. Vegetable...

  • Juan Jaramillo

    Juan Jaramillo

     5 months ago +220

    Mr. Vegetable better become a recurring character

  • Azreal Vega

    Azreal Vega

     5 months ago +164

    She's essentially describing life in the industrial revolution

  • Serena Koehler

    Serena Koehler

     5 months ago +4031

    can we get a backstory for Mr. Vegetable?

  • Nicholas Rutherford

    Nicholas Rutherford

     5 months ago +213

    That Mr. Vegetable part made me really sad and depressed. I'm not okay now. Thanks CollegeHumor.

  • implodinghippo


     5 months ago +140

    Need more Mr.vegetable to appear in the backgrounds

  • Rurouni137


     5 months ago +109

    Mr Vegetable appears at 2:38
    "*chuckle*, nice random joke"
    Mr Vegetable returns at 4:18

  • KC Campbell

    KC Campbell

     5 months ago +45

    The fake accent sounds more like baby talk

  • Flora Minimus

    Flora Minimus

     5 months ago +40

    This might just be the worst accent I've ever heard.

  • bleachbleachBLEACHER


     4 months ago +13

    $20 says Mr. Vegetable becomes a recurring character.

  • I am dead inside

    I am dead inside

     2 months ago +45

    "It went dark at 2pm, 0 degrees out, No heater, Half our roomates died."

  • D Harrison

    D Harrison

     5 months ago +15

    As an East Coaster I was on board with the whole 60 degrees in a sweater seeming a little soft. But the rest is a little much, lol.