7 Fortnite Youtubers FIRST Wins! (Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Ninja)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • 7 Fortnite Youtubers FIRST Wins! (Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Ninja)

    Today we go over fortnite youtuber's first wins! Subscribe if you're new!

    Credit: Tfue, Ninja, Lazarbeam, Logan Paul, Muselk, Shroud, Lachlan

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/iDCIiZlvUNw


  • Desman Huckle

    Desman Huckle

     4 hours ago

    ninja is a nood
    o :


  • Hockey Kid

    Hockey Kid

     4 hours ago +1

    This is not Lachlan’s first win look at his glider you get they on your first win

  • King of Gamers

    King of Gamers

     13 hours ago

    R I P Lmg

  • Mad Fury Games

    Mad Fury Games

     21 hours ago

    Laachlan it’s lachlan bruh

  • Melissa Hudson

    Melissa Hudson


    did you see tht tfue had 29 kills

  • Ethan Schroeter

    Ethan Schroeter


    I could see the midget is Logan's vid

  • harry maguire

    harry maguire


    muselks first win was not szn 4
    the skin he is using is from szn 4

  • Karl Burgham

    Karl Burgham


    I got my first win on fortnite for the first time on solo I do not know how to play in the beginning

  • viLe_Boston YT

    viLe_Boston YT


    Tilted towers was added in and season three how was it TVs first when I saw them get a win in season one

  • viLe_Boston YT

    viLe_Boston YT

     yesterday +1

    I can’t believe no one typed that he said that Meusel got 17 killed in 50 V 50

  • Josep Grifol Coll

    Josep Grifol Coll


    Muselk skull truper? 17 kills?

  • Harry j woods

    Harry j woods

     yesterday +1

    He actually got 8 kills on his first game that's pretty good. Tfue 29 kills 😑😑

  • Caleb Goldsmith

    Caleb Goldsmith


    this is not most of these players first win

  • salty kid86

    salty kid86

     yesterday +1

    As u can tell lannan probably did not have a girlfriend

  • Gabri3l :/

    Gabri3l :/


    Anyone notice he said (lacklan) Lachlan*

  • salvage pizza

    salvage pizza


    You said Lachlan wrong!!

  • Lil_nascar124439 Lil to fast

    Lil_nascar124439 Lil to fast

     2 days ago

    Muselk wasn't waring skull trooper

  • M4SON


     2 days ago

    Forttrends muselks first win was skull trooper and was 50 v 50

    Video clip muselk not using skull trooper and the game mod being dues

  • Kirsten Johnson

    Kirsten Johnson

     2 days ago

    Ried. You tireus. Cirehs. Direy Day moves wirek job. Sirey Bllymy.
    Love love love love. Boy gires.
    Fotes. Hiup. Yires. Fired bay.

  • freakyjewels2004


     2 days ago

    At 5:00 that old scar sound