Why I Stopped Bursting Firecrackers During Diwali - Kenny Sebastian (Stand Up Comedy)

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 28, 2016
  • In this vlog and stand up clip, Kenneth Sebastian talks about his scary experiences with Diwali crackers. In his show, He asks people in the audience their worst experience with crackers and shares two stories from his own life that resulted in injuries.A very happy Diwali to everyone, Let's celebrate this festival with love, family and peace instead of polluting the air and creating a dangerous environment for children, animals and the yourself. Follow Kenny on Twitter @KnowKennyFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/standupkennySnapChat: @KnowKennyInstagram: @KennethSebEdited & Shot by Akshay Pillai.Ps. If you really want to burst crackers, Quietly do it in some corner and don't tell anybody.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/i35N1BzyKno


  • Saurabh S

    Saurabh S

     2 years ago +2213

    Is nobody going to acknowledge Kenny's beard?👯

  • tara ss

    tara ss

     2 years ago +440

    Edward for a mosquito. That killed me. 😂

  • Justice Beaver

    Justice Beaver

     2 years ago +531

    Will nobody acknowledge Kenny's almost flying -kiss? 😝

  • Abhay Singh

    Abhay Singh

     2 years ago +695

    This Diwali, let us pray for our soldiers on border. It's because of them that we can celebrate Diwali.
    Happy Diwali. #Sandesh2Soldiers

  • Viraj Takale

    Viraj Takale

     2 years ago +1855

    Last week: 8 min video on how to shave!
    This week: Comes with a beard 😂

  • Sanjay kumar

    Sanjay kumar

     2 years ago +166

    5:05 it was 4 times smaller than my rocket! haha... Is it just me or any one else also taking it the other way round..lol :P

  • tania kml

    tania kml

     2 years ago +86

    he gets cuter with every freaking video😵😵

  • Tobblesmash


     2 years ago +413

    How is "mosquitoes not coming to the city", a bad thing

  • Karuna Kannan

    Karuna Kannan

     2 years ago +88

    Hey Kenny, can you please collab with iisuperwomanii??

  • ayush Jain

    ayush Jain

     2 years ago +318

    All those against firecrackers Bcoz "Animals" nd then going back to have "Animals"

  • The Aesthetic

    The Aesthetic

     2 years ago +103

    Is it just me or does he seem more chubby

  • Prapty


     2 years ago +42

    I don't know why Kenny has only 394k subscribers. He is one of the funniest Indian YouTuber/Comedian.
    Love you Kenny.

  • Ashish Tilokani

    Ashish Tilokani

     2 years ago +35

    he says "way" and "whey" protein picture shows up, LOL! :D :D

  • Debjit Mirbar

    Debjit Mirbar

     2 years ago +90

    ayyyy swat cats, at least someone acknowledges them

  • Morgan Blood

    Morgan Blood

     2 years ago +65

    Legend has it Kenny replies to this Comment

  • Gayathri Lakshmanan

    Gayathri Lakshmanan

     2 years ago +10

    'My IQ automatically went down.'
    Story of my life 😂
    Thanks for the present, Kenny. It made my day 💜

  • Krisha Patil

    Krisha Patil


    I would do that slaping thing😂😂it's a great idea to stop pollution and have a nice diwali with enjoyment 😂😂

  • Daksh Gupta

    Daksh Gupta

     2 years ago +20

    'It was 4 times smaller than MY rocket'. No?
    God I'm still 12.😂

  • Guruprasad Rao

    Guruprasad Rao

     2 years ago +250

    This story of two bombs in hand is completely false. As soon as the first bursts the second would be thrown off a long distance away from the hands.

  • Preeti Kumari

    Preeti Kumari

     2 years ago +128

    God...the comment section is full of giving gyaan to each other.
    Its a comedy skit guys, just enjoy it. 😉😄