twenty one pilots Goes East - Episode Three: Sydney & Auckland

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • twenty one pilots Goes East - Episode Three: Sydney & Aucklandget tickets to see twenty one pilots: for more official content from twenty one pilots: available now on Fueled By Ramen:iTunes: Play: and edited by Reel Bear Media ( music by SombearStore: Site: #TOP #WelcomeToBrisbane #Blurryface #FueledByRamen
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  • Kaylee Ryan

     3 years ago

    "I love you mom. ill call you again soon."The place where my heart broke. also vegemite

  • Krystel c:

     3 years ago

    I felt like he was talking to me at the end he was like “I love you mom” I was like “I love you too my smol bean child”

  • Sofia

     3 years ago

    same tbh

  • mephistxpheles

     3 years ago

    ok same

  • Ashley

     3 years ago

    "Also, vegemite is a dark brown spread made from yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives." -Josh Dun, 2015

  • no pe

     3 years ago

    stab me I want to see them live so bad

  • Flightless ._. Gøner

     2 years ago

    +vv autumn I would go with you 🙁

  • HalfAngelHalfHuman

     3 years ago

    a lot of flashing in the beginning! stops around 0:50

  • aircatcr

     3 months ago

    Eli A hey that’s really rude can you stfu?

  • Eli A

     4 months ago

    @Danielle pussy

  • Bella Perko

     3 years ago

    That one person who disliked this doesn't know why they're missing out on

  • india♡

     3 years ago

    @TheCreepypastaKid 14

  • ronan

     3 years ago

    +Charlie Wow theres 2 dislikes

  • Nancy Perez

     3 years ago

    "i love you mom ill call you again soon" BYE MY HEART

  • vicky Barrionuevo

     1 years ago


  • StolenRadio

     2 years ago


  • Narragetto

     3 years ago

    "Being alone and with yourself, it can be damaging." Damn, I always felt like I was alone in thinking that way, but my god is it true. I hate feeling lonely, I want it to end.

  • Jamie Miller

     1 years ago

    Aww thanks +Shontelle Kelly were you the short girl with the camera? The Wellington show, right? Cause I was front barrier for Auckland.

  • shontelle kelly

     2 years ago

    I met that guy at that concert he was next me and my best friend at the B stage barrier he was really cool. 😊

  • Katrina S.

     3 years ago

    Hey my notifications actually worked for once

  • Fernanda Pisconte

     3 years ago


  • AlanG.

     3 years ago

    +Katrina S. SAME HERE! I thought it was going to tell me 30mins later

  • Angely Rosas

     3 years ago

    I wonder what music will be like in 30 years. I wonder what my children will be listening to. I wonder what people are going to do when they dont have people as amazing as Tyler and Josh to help keep their dreams alive and to remind them to keep going, to tell them that it'll be okay, and to inspire them everyday. I wonder what band back in the 80's did the job that twenty one pilots did. There are more and more broken people everyday, and all these people find comfort in Josh & Tyler's music. In ø...