The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • 'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.

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     an hour ago +1

    Love this dude we are all Over it !

  • The Kid Kid

    The Kid Kid

     an hour ago

    I want to dislike because Colbert is a smug asshole but I want to like because Kevin Hart is amazing

  • Chip yard

    Chip yard

     an hour ago

    Social sciences influence government, law, policy, courts, media, news, TV shows; YET, Social Science changes their views drastically every decade or so. Watch the Joe Rogan episode where he talks to 'Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay' - much of social science 'academia' is completely fabricated to uphold certain views/narratives.

  • Meeeksss


     an hour ago

    Kevin is funny.. truthfully the gay jokes were not even that bad. This new culture of dragging people over their past is getting ridiculous. He is obviously not that person anymore. People are such hypocrites.

  • Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley

     2 hours ago

    Kevin Hart’s entry Music....😂😂😂😂

  • creative media

    creative media

     2 hours ago

    He DiD APOLOGiZED !!! OK ?????

  • Barrie Moore

    Barrie Moore

     2 hours ago

    I know I’m over it ! 🙄

  • Rebecca Fucking White

    Rebecca Fucking White

     3 hours ago

    People 😂😂Go find something to do 😃😤😤😠 there is more important shit in the world happening 😤

  • Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana Subramanian

     3 hours ago

    I felt like Steven was predetermined to attack Kevin. That moment when the audience agreed with Kevin, Steven's reaction... priceless!

  • U.S. Constitution

    U.S. Constitution

     4 hours ago +1

    I don't know Kevin politico views but Kevin is right who in the hell what there sons or daughters be gay. Screw these Hollywood Elites/Government Anti-GOD Anti-Family Morals, Anti-America Liberals that promote and protect pedophiles, child abuse and perversion.

  • Saravana Subramanian

    Saravana Subramanian

     4 hours ago


  • OneManShow


     4 hours ago

    People don’t understand what an apology is. An apology is a guilty plea. People don’t want your apology so they can forgive and forget... they want to bypass the trial and get down to execution. They want you to bow your head before they chop it off.

  • Jarvious Hicks

    Jarvious Hicks

     5 hours ago

    Such a smart person

  • NexisFilms


     5 hours ago

    Daniel Tosh for Oscar host !

  • Lamont Hyatt

    Lamont Hyatt

     5 hours ago


  • Nocturnal Ron

    Nocturnal Ron

     6 hours ago

    Not trying to be a dick but do you think Kevin Hart is funny? I thought he was funny in 40 year old Virgin but, that was about it.

  • yidy1


     7 hours ago


  • Dissident101


     7 hours ago

    He ain't wrong, a meme ended Bill Cosbys career.

  • Sonny Etchell

    Sonny Etchell

     7 hours ago

    I think he would have been hilarious as the host but at the same time i respect his decision

  • ddland45


     8 hours ago

    People need to get over themselves and learn to not take every minor affront so seriously. Laugh sometimes...