How to Crack the TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test - Based on Latest TCS Ninja Pattern

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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    In this session, our expert, Mr Pandhalaraja will cover the following:
    1. Detailed discussion of the TCS NINJA pattern
    2. Important topics from quantitative aptitude and English for TCS Ninja
    3. Detailed analysis of previous year TCS questions
    4. Most expected TCS Ninja questions and question patterns
    5. Test-taking strategies to crack TCS NINJA
    6. Shortcuts to tackle TCS NINJA questions
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  • vidhi vetma

    vidhi vetma

     2 months ago

    It is for government post?

  • Abhishek Garg

    Abhishek Garg

     2 months ago

    I think you mistake in 4th question,
    4th question's answer will be 225, 250 is wrong answer
    You take the submission of 9 digits then you add 25, this is wrong...
    Right answer is 225...

  • sanhith gouravelly

    sanhith gouravelly

     2 months ago

    boooooooooring class

  • Samrat Nishant

    Samrat Nishant

     2 months ago

    Sir what's the trick to solve this kind of question...

  • nikita chaudhari

    nikita chaudhari

     2 months ago

    I already apply bt i didnt get any mail from TCS and i also checked by login but my hallticket is not generated
    Plz gauide me

  • anju ayancha

    anju ayancha

     2 months ago


  • anju ayancha

    anju ayancha

     2 months ago




     2 months ago

    Sir do we write the program in cmd??

  • divyansh varshney

    divyansh varshney

     2 months ago

    (11^2)*(2^2) here your trick of finding sum of digits does not work.Why?

  • kavita rastogi

    kavita rastogi

     2 months ago

    sir,pls add me in your whatsapp group ? is there any link?

  • Puspita Maity

    Puspita Maity

     2 months ago

    Sir ami to drive e click kori ni

  • angel


     2 months ago

    the 1st apti ques that u told sir, in it while calculating the total distance u multiplied by 4 considering only 4 tyres but on calculating average distance u divided by 5 that is u are considering 5 tyres this time, isn't that wrong...shouldn't we be considering 5 tyres because the fifth tyre though not used..along with the car its also travelling 40000 km distance, thus the total distance would be (5*40000=200000 km) and then on dividing by 5 to get distance travelled by each tyre ...we get our ans as 40000.

  • Khushaboo Chavan

    Khushaboo Chavan

     2 months ago


  • Deepika Kumari

    Deepika Kumari

     2 months ago +9

    Starts at 12:00.....

  • sri devi venkata maha lakshmi mutyala

    sri devi venkata maha lakshmi mutyala

     2 months ago

    What type of question expected in coding .pls tell me

  • Sahitya


     2 months ago +1

    27:30 whats the question was saying ??

  • pooja vijaisai

    pooja vijaisai

     2 months ago +1

    Will there be no apti for 8.5 cgpa in national qualifier tcs ninja2019?

  • Saumya Gupta

    Saumya Gupta

     3 months ago


  • Balaji Vaithianathan

    Balaji Vaithianathan

     3 months ago

    i am 2018 passed out. Can i apply for this drive?

  • Prasanjit Karmakar

    Prasanjit Karmakar

     3 months ago

    I have Registered but i am not getting the Apply Option Why ?