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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gZ5nTCQLEb0


  • Courtney Miller

    Courtney Miller

     3 months ago +16279

    Someone write a fan fiction about me and Star Lord

  • Bianca Rodin

    Bianca Rodin

     3 months ago +6636

    “ Tis I, the lesbian of this table “
    -Courtney 2019

  • Natasha G

    Natasha G

     3 months ago +2781

    I like how Olivia and Damien don’t clue in to the fact that they’re supposed to face each other

  • Rosie YT

    Rosie YT

     2 months ago +1328

    Olivia look's at Damian
    Damian whisper's
    "Its free real estate..."

  • Cassidiva H

    Cassidiva H

     2 months ago +1024

    Shayne softly whispers you'll always be my.......
    Favorite pizza place before roughly kissing the concrete of the building. As the workers watch on silently giggling

  • Bee Man

    Bee Man

     2 months ago +390

    Ian isn't in any of these
    Ian: Oh its because I'm too sexy
    Me: No, because padildo man is gone

  • Zohar Bowman

    Zohar Bowman

     3 months ago +836

    This is the most awkward thing I've ever seen and I love it

  • Matt Rannells

    Matt Rannells

     3 months ago +387

    Ian wasn’t in any of them because they are all about him and Anthony😂

  • Tiah C

    Tiah C

     2 months ago +296

    noah’s flirty wink made me uncomfortable. but it was not unpleasant.

  • Espon Lover

    Espon Lover

     2 months ago +392

    IAN: Damien moves his hands to her waist
    DAMIEN: Sorry Sam
    ME:*dieing of laughter
    The time is 4:35

  • Lily Camper

    Lily Camper

     2 months ago +193

    A part two, but it’s all Shayne and Damien 😂😂

  • Daisy Lee

    Daisy Lee

     3 months ago +75

    “Annie’s, Velveta, Kraaaaft... Annie’s”
    -Noah 2019

  • Kanna Kitty

    Kanna Kitty

     2 months ago +358

    I like how Damian says sorry Sam because he is Olivias Boyfriend xD

  • xxMysticWolfy Animationxx

    xxMysticWolfy Animationxx

     3 months ago +234

    I ship
    Keith and Noah
    Courtney and Shayne
    Olivia and Churro
    Ian and Anthony (Great ship Killeo Kaleuma XD)

  • Ashleigh Hutchison

    Ashleigh Hutchison

     3 months ago +2293

    You should do an “every fan fiction ever”

  • A_Panini 1432

    A_Panini 1432

     2 months ago +113

    "Sarah smiles-"

  • piko


     2 months ago +136

    keith flirting with noah is probably the funniest thing i've ever seen

  • Maryam Alsaffar

    Maryam Alsaffar

     1 months ago +80

    That's it that's how I'm gonna intro myself to everyone from now on

  • Kim Herrera

    Kim Herrera

     2 months ago +120

    the cringe level in these fanfiction is over 100%

  • Samantha E.

    Samantha E.

     3 months ago +4428

    Lets be honest Ian isn’t in any bc they’re all with Anthony