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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
  • SUBSCRIBE ►► http://youtube.com/smoshpitThe squad convince (force) Ian to give them a tour of his house. What kind of treasures await them? A candy wall? A closet full of Gucci Slides? A bedroom full of Colombian strippers? Watch to find out!Let us know what you think of this kind of video and if you want a tour of someone else's house!SMOSH: http://youtube.com/smoshSmosh Games: http://youtube.com/smoshgamesShut Up! Cartoons: http://youtube.com/shutupcartoonsSMOSH en Français: http://youtube.com/thefrenchsmoshSMOSH en Español: http://youtube.com/elsmosh
  • Source: https://youtu.be/g5V55qiYnIc


  • Zack Dickerson

    Zack Dickerson

     7 months ago +4651

    Break into Anthony Padilla's house.

  • Sophie's Vlogs 101

    Sophie's Vlogs 101

     7 months ago +1373

    i want to see Shayne's house bc i bet its all just filled with protien powder

  • Mau Mau

    Mau Mau

     3 months ago +767

    Who else is here after they invaded Shayne's house??

  • Khalil


     7 months ago +1507

    Next house to break in.

  • KevinPlayz


     3 months ago +210

    Is that Noah, Abraham Lincoln, or Wolverine?

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    the cup RM throws in the Run MV

     7 months ago +2622

    Aww Ian has pics of him and Anthony

  • NOCVidz


     4 months ago +455

    10:19 Shane and Courtney’s chemistry...10/10 they cute asf😂

  • Selen Tuna

    Selen Tuna

     7 months ago +603


  • Okami_Yuki


     6 months ago +316

    I feel like Ian is one of the most humble you tubers out there! Who agrees? :D

  • Kody Dechenne

    Kody Dechenne

     4 months ago +159

    When you make fun of your friends for having stainless steel and white appliances, you know you've hit your 30's. lol

  • SunnyShadowStay 13

    SunnyShadowStay 13

     3 months ago +96

    The part where Courtney ran to the knives and yelled” KniVEs, I LovE tHiS OnE” killed me 😂 😂

  • {Josaphina Lambert}

    {Josaphina Lambert}

     6 months ago +236

    invading Ian’s house
    Destroying Ian’s house

  • Italmar Mauffialuos

    Italmar Mauffialuos

     6 months ago +86

    Man I'm really gonna miss that old house that Ian & Anthony lived in and where they made videos together.

  • BloxGuy


     7 months ago +311

    Invade Shayne Apartment Like if u agree

  • OnCloud9 Aviation

    OnCloud9 Aviation

     2 months ago +52

    I feel like, Ian is getting sadder everytime he sees Anthony in the pictures.

  • Caity Fehr

    Caity Fehr

     3 months ago +50

    Are we just not going to mention the automatic litter box in the corner at 7:50? 😂😂😂

  • Yup Itsme

    Yup Itsme

     6 months ago +96

    On the phone in the shower, shayne should have said,
    “Hello! Chuck E. Cheese? Your my favorite pizza place!”

  • TiffYG2133


     20 hours ago +2

    We've seen Sahyne & Ian's places, next should be either Keith or Courtney because Noah lives with his parent's

  • AhegaoLove


     7 months ago +1349

    Considering they didn't show his hentai collection, we basically only seen 20% of his house.

  • Ahmet Said Kılınç

    Ahmet Said Kılınç

     6 months ago +18

    0:28 says "who's filming" and never gives camera back