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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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    The squad convince (force) Ian to give them a tour of his house. What kind of treasures await them? A candy wall? A closet full of Gucci Slides? A bedroom full of Colombian strippers? Watch to find out!

    Let us know what you think of this kind of video and if you want a tour of someone else's house!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/g5V55qiYnIc


  • bäg_chÆ$ërROD


     23 hours ago

    does anybody know what hoodie Ian is wearing🙊? Idk why but i searched thru the comments for damn near weeks looking for at least a clue 🥴

  • Connor G

    Connor G


    My mom walked into the room when he said sexy parties

  • Olivia Summers

    Olivia Summers


    Break into Courtney's house

  • Trilo Byte

    Trilo Byte

     2 days ago


  • Ash Tyhurst

    Ash Tyhurst

     3 days ago

    anybody else see the nerdy dummies book at 12:22

  • Shailyn Holbert

    Shailyn Holbert

     4 days ago +3

    "When you know you've made it is when you have some type of spiral staircase." Literally one of my life goals is to own a house with a spiral staircase!

  • Lenore Dyes

    Lenore Dyes

     5 days ago +1

    Invade Courtney next!

  • 岩の下駅


     5 days ago

    Fun fact: In Japan, some cities would put little Torii on the walls of narrow streets so that people won't pee on them. Great prevention technique, Ian👌

  • VeinM


     7 days ago

    "The Blindside of cacti" lmaoooo

  • Doøfus Doofman

    Doøfus Doofman

     7 days ago

    Hey? Ian's house? Your my favourite pizza place!

  • chezzii s.

    chezzii s.

     7 days ago

    2:10 well i guess the quote in Smosh VS. Zombies came true

  • ImAPotato


     7 days ago

    Why does the trashiest person have the greatest house no offense I love ian

  • Nija Harrington

    Nija Harrington

     7 days ago

    the pig is shawn dawson

  • Mariamf TRIGGERD

    Mariamf TRIGGERD

     7 days ago

    Its Janu-beard

  • Freya Looking Less Ugly

    Freya Looking Less Ugly

     14 days ago

    please do more!

  • Owen 99

    Owen 99

     14 days ago

    Ian's house is just reverse burglary😂

  • sam pearce

    sam pearce

     14 days ago

    Okay dumb question but what is the parent company? I feel like ive missed something

  • Harry Webb

    Harry Webb

     14 days ago

    anyone else notice they all look like abercrombie and fitch models in the christmas photo on the fridge except for the one guy in the middle with the christmas sweater guess the rest of them didnt get the memo that told them to dress accordingly.

  • daniel Patrick

    daniel Patrick

     14 days ago +1

    Who thinks shayne and Courtney should go on a date

  • Slightly Sinister

    Slightly Sinister

     14 days ago +1

    How much harder can I ship Courtney and Shayne?