It's Time To Move On...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.


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  • Nora Sneeggen

    Nora Sneeggen

     a minute ago

    can you come to Norway and explore the nature and culture:) And if u are, u should travel all over Norway, especially stavanger, hihi :)

  • abby morgan

    abby morgan

     11 minutes ago

    i love y’all even more, self care is so important :-)

  • Victoire Fety-Pam

    Victoire Fety-Pam

     16 minutes ago

    15:27 you shouldn’t think that you are letting us done because he’s right, if you are acting that’s when you are letting us down.
    We are subscribed to you for who you are, you growing up ... and not for the lies and what you pretend to be.

    You did the right thing maybe people will stop watching you because people are different but if this happen, I know for a fact that other people will come and subscribe to your channel. It might take time but that’s life. I know you can be yourself in front of us and being also known and loved. (Just think about who is watching you .... I am watching you from Paris ! In France ... ). As you say don’t post guffy videos if they’re not real.

    You could’ve toke 1 year even more if you wanted, you could’ve stoped YouTube if that’s what you wanted.... We want the best for you so you really shouldn’t fell obliged to continue ... You have personal problems and that’s normal so take your time and process what you need.

    I agree with him, you can help some of us if you are real. People go threw things like that or not like that but it helps a lot, a lot of people including myself. We know that you are not doing that for popularity but think about who you are helping by telling us what is happening in your life.

    You are so strong and I know you will find the path you want to take. You will fell better by telling the truth, you will help us, you will have new people following you, you will like the videos you will do and it will come more naturally. Do what YOU want to do...

    Live YOUR life not ours !

    I loved this video by the way 😂!!
    Sorry if some of this isn’t English 😅😅

  • julia april

    julia april

     27 minutes ago

    maybe a podcast could help them out? since they have a strong work ethic and they feel like they need to upload something, a podcast is something easy going that could help that mindset.

  • Dee Gorgeous

    Dee Gorgeous

     32 minutes ago +1

    Health is #1 your fans would much rather you be genuinely happy and healthy than just acting that way.

  • demi halim

    demi halim

     38 minutes ago

    i miss them so much, the soundtrack of the video was on repeat ever since last tuesday. not a day goes by that i dont think of them :/

  • Layla Layla

    Layla Layla

     47 minutes ago

    Love it how Shane is turning into the therapist of youtube

  • Jumana AlGhalib

    Jumana AlGhalib

     54 minutes ago

    Did they switch hair

  • Av


     an hour ago

    Shane is so right, real fans and people you guys touch will wait. When Mykie from Glam and Gore took a little longer than 3 month break we all waited and when she was back we loved her even more. Also doesn't matter when you post a video, the ones that help people can be your first video or your last video.

  • Abel Cable

    Abel Cable

     an hour ago

    For the record, I have never watched a single one of your videos, but I watched this entire one and thought it was real, raw, and honest. If you started doing more videos like this where you guys showed more about how you're honestly feeling and what's actually happening in your life I think you'd gain a lot more followers that you could bring happiness too. You deserve a break.

  • My Life by Julia

    My Life by Julia

     an hour ago

    i loved this true video im excited for whatever you do next, take time for your selves first, the rest will work its self out, blessings on your new chapters;

  • og6464 -

    og6464 -

     an hour ago

    I saw shane and clicked thought the james charles drama

  • Shooting Star

    Shooting Star

     an hour ago +1


  • Mikaela Ford

    Mikaela Ford

     an hour ago

    I feel like you guys haven't received a lot of comments commending you on your honesty and bravery. I am 22 and have been a long time fan of you both E and Gray and I am thrilled you have decided to start putting yourselves first. The fans will always be here with you, your health, happiness and family come first. I can't wait to watch you do what you love and things that have your heart and soul. Thank you for everything take all the time you need xxxx

  • Stephanie Peterson

    Stephanie Peterson

     an hour ago

    Shane Dawson is mother hen ❤️ I love it

  • anna ùwú

    anna ùwú

     an hour ago

    By the title i thought they ment they were leaving youtube.

  • Sweet Suntea

    Sweet Suntea

     an hour ago

    I have watched y’all for about three years now, but this video honestly hit me hard. I am 25 years old and have been depressed most my life but in the past 7 or 8 years or so it has been really bad. I don’t live, I just exist. But this video has given me a kick in the pants! I haven’t gone through what y’all have gone through, and I’m not famous or anything like that but this video has inspired me to get my life together! You guys are only nineteen but you both have done so much and inspire so many people! I have seen how y’all have both grown from boys to amazing, good, kind young men and now to see you have decided to finally LIVE? That inspired me. I am going to become better. I am going to take care of myself so when the time comes I can say that I lived, then I can take care of my parents who have taken care of me for so long. Thank you. You have really helped me, and though I feel pathetic to have needed this kick I am so so grateful for getting it. Make videos that make you happy and proud, but from now on make yourselves and your family your number one priority. Family is everything.
    (Sorry for rambling on! Idk if you will even see this but I just had to thank you both! Best wishes and good vibes!)

  • Anika Hudson

    Anika Hudson

     an hour ago

    The twins were so scared to show how much they have grown and how much they have matured, but in reality, I didnt watch them BECAUSE they didnt do that. Their content was too childish for me, but watching this, it MAKES me a subscriber. I WANT maturity, I want REAL. I want to see their growth.

  • Simply Anitra

    Simply Anitra

     an hour ago

    Omg! They NEED to know that we are here for them through EVERYTHING. I love this kind of video. This is so real and you guys need to really do things for yourselves! We love you regardless!!

  • Heather Phelps

    Heather Phelps

     an hour ago

    Congratulations on becoming more authentic