Tyla Yaweh - High Right Now

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • “Heart Full of Rage” available at http://smarturl.it/HeartFullOfRage Tyla Yaweh online: https://twitter.com/TylaYaweh https://www.instagram.com/tylayaweh/ https://soundcloud.com/tylayaweh https://www.facebook.com/tylayaweh/ (C) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment/London Ent., Inc.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/fc7yZ7efbDQ


  • Brayden Smith

    Brayden Smith

     3 months ago +7424

    Who found this song on their own 🤷‍♂️🙌

  • Candice Fitiñuraz

    Candice Fitiñuraz

     2 months ago +1177

    12 Year old after hitting that Juul once: "IM SO HIGH RIGHT NOW"

  • Austin Groce

    Austin Groce

     1 months ago +348

    juice wrld lyrics. post malone tone. deeper rae sremmerd voice

  • Nuggie


     2 months ago +717

    He looks like Juice Wrld mixed with Wiz Khalifa

  • Meche Productionz

    Meche Productionz

     2 months ago +826

    This many people are high right now

  • Post Malone

    Post Malone

     3 months ago +8172

    this is my fav song off Heart Full Of Rage 🍻

  • UnknxwnShorty


     28 days ago +86

    I went to a post Malone concert and he was the opening act and I immediately was like “who tf is this guy he’s heat”
    (Wyoming btw)

  • Chunkie Wunkie

    Chunkie Wunkie

     2 months ago +173

    If post malone and juice wrld had a threesome with sway lee, this will be their baby😂

  • Bexty !

    Bexty !

     3 days ago +6

    Why am i hearing about this song now someone should have been told me about this SMH

  • Yousef Elsherif

    Yousef Elsherif

     1 months ago +70

    Smoking a blunt listening to this with my beats 🔥🔥🔥

  • Neutral username

    Neutral username

     28 days ago +48

    Just heard this live at Post Malone in Cheyenne Wyoming!!!! You fxcking rock!!

  • Ashley Bare

    Ashley Bare

     7 days ago +19

    I don’t think there are enough like buttons on here for this songg❤️😍

  • Next Up

    Next Up


    This song is amazing, and inspired us to review you and your album! Keep up the hard work! Going to see you in concert in October!

  • mushi Tafa

    mushi Tafa


    He looks and sounds like if swae lee and juice wrld had a baby it's actually pretty cool cause swae lee and juice are my favourite rappers ❤️

  • SCL


     3 months ago +1707

    YouTube recommendations did good on this one 🙏🥶



     2 months ago +144

    Waking up... your wife floating above the bed
    ME: SHITon myself ☣😷

  • adrian miranda

    adrian miranda


    Not gonna lie, heard this from a porn stars twitter page when she was in a strip club. I'm glad tho

  • Isaac Torres

    Isaac Torres

     28 days ago +21

    Thanks for rocking out at CFD Tyla! We appreciate you coming out to Wyoming.

  • Timothy Self

    Timothy Self

     2 months ago +73

    Im addicted . This track , with its smooth hypnotic beats that has me floating . Fantastic !

  • Chris Koucouthakis

    Chris Koucouthakis

     2 days ago

    I listen to this song and I start reminicing of times where I was up for 2-3 days straight on blow and I was "flying on a cocaine spaceship" LOL...damn that was a fun time in my life