Lying to Have Something in Common

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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  • Travis Bartlett

    Travis Bartlett

     5 months ago +4492

    Brennan is OVERQUALIFIED for collegehumor lmfaooo

  • Coen A

    Coen A

     5 months ago +1121

    Her: I support gay rights
    Me [trying to impress her]: I'm gay

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Whole Food Plant-Based Man

     5 months ago +775

    So he lied about being CEO of so many companies.

  • Noble Strength

    Noble Strength

     5 months ago +1286

    Does anyone else besides me rewatch the sketches Brennon is featured in?

  • Zayne Martin

    Zayne Martin

     5 months ago +834


  • The Sorcerer

    The Sorcerer

     5 months ago +370

    Plot twist: What if he is lying about his lying habit

  • conkerlive101


     5 months ago +389

    Hey Brennan can I invest money into you? like you as a company?

  • JakeyBoy


     5 months ago +400

    See the only point where this video goes wrong is when she asks "I thought you don't drink" I would be saying something along the line of "oh, I don't, but... That time was very special it was the first time I ever drunk ever" and just keep digging myself deeper into my already deep and depressing dark hole of lies and deceit.

  • Tacet the Terror

    Tacet the Terror

     5 months ago +306

    Brennan is about 75% of College Humor's total amount of humor.

  • The original Dave

    The original Dave

     5 months ago +1323

    This guy needs to be doing something better with his acting career, he’s actually an awesome actor!

  • Just JaredVA

    Just JaredVA

     5 months ago +250

    I have a crush on Brennan. It's pretty gay.

  • kassie m

    kassie m

     5 months ago +107

    “yes it a little bit would” is my fav new phrase, it just sounds so dumb and amazing

  • Zrin


     5 months ago +122

    Rekha's "you are deeply troubled" is extremely well done.
    I LOVE deeply troubled people.

  • Hac Hoang

    Hac Hoang

     5 months ago +71

    "Then we all agree" maniacally wheeze
    God damn I love Brannen

  • michael scoggins

    michael scoggins

     5 months ago +1705

    All my cousins are astronauts.
    I’m much more down to Earth tho.

  • Jason Miller

    Jason Miller

     5 months ago +58

    "You are deeply troubled"
    "Then we all agree" 😂😂😂

  • The Magnifikle

    The Magnifikle

     5 months ago +152

    Has Brennan really been on Collegehumor for 2 years? Time flies

  • Mr. Sharp

    Mr. Sharp

     5 months ago +84

    I'm convinced that Brennan and I are the same person, except for the fact that he has talent, but besides that.

  • Basma Sonbol

    Basma Sonbol

     5 months ago +47

    When is Brennan going to star in a movie as actor or voice actor? Seriously minute-long sketches are not enough.

  • Boerica


     5 months ago +2848

    2:31 Brennan’s acting always baffles me...