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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/fSbp5-jnRI0


  • Mumbiker Nikhil

    Mumbiker Nikhil

     7 days ago +5853

    Lets make this world a better place to live for everyone. Girls should feel safe and a strict law should be made for rapist . Fear needs to be created so these monsters should never think of raping a innocent girl.

  • KS


     3 hours ago

    Ryuk where is my death note?



     16 hours ago


  • Madhav Goel

    Madhav Goel

     18 hours ago +1

    Bhai aaj Kal bike nahi Chala rahe ho....pls koi long trip Kari bike pa(after all MUMBIKER NIKHIL).

  • Shivam Thorat

    Shivam Thorat


    Who wants to see nikhils mom
    Like thoko

    Not doing anything for likes

  • The Amazing Motivation

    The Amazing Motivation


    Item type video bahot khrab hain

  • rahul chhabra

    rahul chhabra

     2 days ago

    Dud one feedback.. U talk too much about techs and gadgets... Plz make any vlog but not this, hacks, display picture, new camera, bugs and fixing of bugs, display picture n all.. Make something else.. I subscribed your channel but now its boring..

  • nasar nasar

    nasar nasar

     3 days ago

    shaincie kon ha

  • Abhishek sharma

    Abhishek sharma

     3 days ago


  • Rm Munim

    Rm Munim

     3 days ago

    What is a desplay pic

  • Md Zeeshan

    Md Zeeshan

     3 days ago

    I want to say one thing that not only priyanka rape case was brutal every rape is brutal only and we should come up with immediate death penalty for that and that too infront of the public

  • AmitRaj Sharma

    AmitRaj Sharma

     3 days ago

    Nice vilog wid a strong message

  • mig poka

    mig poka

     3 days ago

    itna muti to keh bolige

  • Allah ki Qudrat 2

    Allah ki Qudrat 2

     3 days ago

    Rape walo ka bula kaat dena chahyiye

  • Allah ki Qudrat 2

    Allah ki Qudrat 2

     3 days ago

    Jo aisa karta hai unka lund kaat dena chahiye

  • Abir Naskar

    Abir Naskar

     3 days ago

    Display pic aaa gaya

  • Varsha Popat

    Varsha Popat

     3 days ago

    Hum Toh video dekhege bhalie display pic Ho ya na ho

  • Bhargawi Jha

    Bhargawi Jha

     3 days ago

    Shit happens in workplace also ...

  • D K

    D K

     4 days ago

    rapists logo ne he dislike kiya.kasam se agar mujhe permission mila toh mai thokne lagunga.rapists logo ko lohe ki zaroorat hai.and i am eagerly waiting to give them lohas

  • Sparsh Gupta

    Sparsh Gupta

     4 days ago

    Female also get ego , Please Girls Dont get set by playboy ,There are also some good boys , please dont give hate reply to a good boy , just stay calm and give a sweet reply and Say Good bye