Prabhas & Shraddha Kapoor Interview with Anupama Chopra | Saaho | Film Companion

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Ahead of the release of the magnum opus #Saaho, #Prabhas and #ShraddhaKapoor speak to #AnupamaChopra about the making of the film, coping with the expectations of new film industries and what they are likely to be doing on release day. Have you subscribed to Film Companion yet? Join us here - us at http://filmcompanion.inDo Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe to our channel.Subscribe: Us On: Film Companion is a web channel intended to promote Indian cinema through films review, interviews, discussions, video essays and analytical compilations. It is intended primarily for the purpose of encouraging informed discussions, criticism and review of cinema and towards such purpose the programs use short extracts of cinematograph films, sounds recording and photographic works. These clips and extracts are of a minimal nature and the use is not intended to interfere in any manner with their commercial exploitation of the compete work by the owners of the copyright. The use of works are in compliance with the fair dealing exception provided under Sec. 52 of the Copyright Act, and we asset our use of the works under the exception provided for criticism and review.
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  • Film Companion

    Film Companion

     7 days ago +861

    Let us know what you think of the interview with Prabhas & Shraddha Kapoor.

  • Abhinav Rao

    Abhinav Rao

     7 days ago +2243

    That's is first time I have seen Prabhas speak so Ur a rockstar...first day first show #Saaho

  • GSS


     7 days ago +1147

    Prabhas has got 10 times more swag than Salman in reel life yet 100 times more humility than him in real.

  • Arjun Reddy

    Arjun Reddy

     7 days ago +1407

    First time Prabhas spoke that much😀and i will give this credit to anupama mam...she is such an amazing interviewer...thank u

  • Akaash Barua

    Akaash Barua

     7 days ago +1123

    Prabhas is wrong. We know him right since chatrapati, rebel,darling,mirchi,mr perfect,varsham. Even he doesn't know how massive fan following he possess in the hindi audience.
    #Saaho : 1000crore(like)

  • Ramitha Weerasekare

    Ramitha Weerasekare

     7 days ago +1090

    I think being shy brings another level sexiness on Prabhas. He is shy which is very sexy ;).

  • Naren Kumar

    Naren Kumar

     7 days ago +889

    When South press asked Prabhas whether he is gonna replace khans in Bollywood .:::
    His Humble Reply was .::::: " Khans inspired many movies in India since a very long time , it very wrong for us or anyone to speak anything bad about them . Bollywood received me very well ,the press the people even big stars like ranbir Kapoor and many messaged me and congratulated after the success of Baahubali-1 " ...such a humble guy he is So no more hate for this darling 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • moutamsri


     7 days ago +735

    After Rajinikanth ,Prabhas is the most down to earth superstar..

  • Sangita Panda

    Sangita Panda

     7 days ago +373

    Prabhash's smile ❤️💕

  • pavan datta

    pavan datta

     7 days ago +638

    His voice is bass boosted.

  • Pratham Acharya

    Pratham Acharya

     7 days ago +392

    I'm just amazed that Prabhas talked more than Shraddha

  • Mahima Thapa

    Mahima Thapa

     7 days ago +829

    Prabhas thinks no one knew him before bahubali
    But that's not true
    I've watched his hindi dubbed movies...Almost all

  • imran mazhar

    imran mazhar

     7 days ago +480

    Prabhas looks so excited.. Damn these south indians have lovable innocence on their face.. Don't know abt their nature.. But lots of love to all south Indian brothers.. From Pakistan.

  • ADitya Vadrevu

    ADitya Vadrevu

     7 days ago +927

    Our darling Prabhas is Telugu's treasure. He will soon turn out to be Nation's treasure.

  • Arpit Singh

    Arpit Singh

     7 days ago +663

    Anupam Chopra was right about bollywood people think they are brand and forget about content. People want story telling and acting

  • Joinob Binte Jahan

    Joinob Binte Jahan

     4 days ago +94

    Prabhas thought no one knows him in north film industry ,man we Bangladeshis knows you and love to watch your movies 💓



     7 days ago +709

    Who the hell troll prabhas's English...He very good at English..His way of talking is very fluent..👏👌👍😎

  • Géssica Rocha

    Géssica Rocha

     7 days ago +138

    Prabhas is the sweetest guy ❤️ Love him since Baahubali. Lots of appreciation from a Brazilian fan!



     7 days ago +329

    Who are going in Theater's
    1st day 1st show..?

  • sunil bidrole

    sunil bidrole

     yesterday +5

    North indian star work for money.
    South indian stars thinks about the new story, good screen play, good dialogue and ofcouse good music.