Massive Year 4 News! Season 2! - Rainbow Six Siege

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
  • Massive Year 4 news for Operation Phantom Sight in Rainbow Six Siege. Nokk and Warden gameplay featured on the new rework to Kafe.

    *Thanks to Ubisoft for flying me out to San Fransisco for early gameplay!

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  • Zen


     5 months ago +173

    Will you miss Secure Area?
    Twitter -
    Thanks for watching ;)

  • ProToXic CLAN

    ProToXic CLAN

     2 months ago +1

    I bout the year 4 pass it takes away nokk warden when i had them now it wants me to pay for the ops that i bout Ubisoft i paid 30 dollars for ur compony stop sitting on ur ass es and do some thing this has happend to othere people pull ur head out of ur ass

  • גיא בלומנפלד

    גיא בלומנפלד

     3 months ago

    If you want to play bomb gamemode, play counter strike. XD

  • Cormmzz


     4 months ago

    This guy deserves more subs

  • IJustClipp


     4 months ago

    So nokk is basically vigil but the attack version?

  • Banana Banana

    Banana Banana

     4 months ago

    I think it should be two round switch

  • Cj Virginelli

    Cj Virginelli

     4 months ago

    Anybody know when season pass holders get the ops

  • Zinex_The_Last 1

    Zinex_The_Last 1

     4 months ago

    I just search up when is season 2 coming out and they never tell me plz help me are I'll spend my renown away

  • Itz your Boi yolidiaz

    Itz your Boi yolidiaz

     4 months ago

    Zen I haven’t watched in a long time but all I remember was amazing memories from you videos and they are still sexy and amazing

  • Yousef Albannay

    Yousef Albannay

     4 months ago +1

    What shitty futuristic operators. Maverick is the best thing we had in a long time!

  • alex boyka

    alex boyka

     4 months ago

    What date is the it coming out

  • vikvok


     4 months ago

    What date is it coming out

  • The R6 GOD

    The R6 GOD

     4 months ago

    Yep that lesion is all mine

  • Tizzle


     4 months ago

    When is is dropping though?

  • Swavey Qua

    Swavey Qua

     4 months ago

    When in th will the year 4 pass holders get to play with the new operators

  • Hostile Hunter27

    Hostile Hunter27

     4 months ago

    Is it still first to 4 round wins ?

  • Aiden Finney

    Aiden Finney

     4 months ago

    Maybe it should be two round rotations so can’t be the n match point after one rotation

  • Snoop Doge

    Snoop Doge

     4 months ago

    When does operation phantom sight come out

  • Maverick god

    Maverick god

     4 months ago

    So has anyone else noticed how nokk is the first and only attacking operator to not have an acog at all????

  • Jake Furnando

    Jake Furnando

     4 months ago

    No secure area won’t effect me