Choosing Things the Way You Choose Politicians

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +350

    Why not invite your favorite politician to come by and have a nice frosty mug of beer and watch DROPOUT with you thanks to your free trial! Surely that sounds fun and not awkward!

  • theunsolvedcase


     5 months ago +5414

    You know that it's an American sketch when there are only two options to vote on.
    Laughs in European.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Stephanie Taylor

     5 months ago +1806

    "I want to get drunk with everybody."
    This is my new motto.

  • Boerica


     5 months ago +2286

    I’m liking this video
    Because it looks like a school teacher

  • Nathaniel Craig

    Nathaniel Craig

     5 months ago +1320

    This speaks to everything that annoys me about politics.

  • Stromjir


     5 months ago +401

    I don't think I can like this video until you all show me your birth certificates. What are you hiding?

  • Miguel Fernández

    Miguel Fernández

     5 months ago +592

    This is actually a very important critique, stop voting for a party because it's leader is "charismatic" or "you like him". That's what it's designed for.

  • Maggie odiehenjshavw

    Maggie odiehenjshavw

     5 months ago +783

    “um, I’m sorry. what about her emails?”

  • JC4MC


     5 months ago +116

    I get the joke now. Writers at CollegeHumor don’t get healthcare.

  • Macro


     5 months ago +531

    I’m still not voting for the Zodiac Killer

  • Tyler Paulson

    Tyler Paulson

     5 months ago +614

    "You wanna get drunk with your pilot?"
    "I wanna get drunk with everybody"
    Damn Straight

  • Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy

     5 months ago +688

    But researching what the candidates' policies are is HARD. It would take, like, a whole hour, and I just don't have that kind of time between now and whenever the primary is. I couldn't be bothered to look it up.

  • PalladiumCupcakes


     5 months ago +140

    That end is so true, I'm still seeing comments saying "crooked Hillary" and "What about the Emails?"
    Like... she lost... Trump won, why do they still need to talk about her? It's almost like Republicans voted for Trump based purely on their hatred of Hillary...
    Oh wait, that is what hapened.

  • MissMisnomer


     5 months ago +520

    College Humor at it again serving up a steaming cup of that subtleTEA

  • RedZeshinX


     5 months ago +165

    When I was in a southwest high school and it was Gore v. Bush, I remember an Indian kid in class asked a girl sitting next to him "So who would you vote for?" The girl replied "I like Bush". He asked her "Huh okay, well why would you vote for him?" She responded "Oh, he seems nice." The Indian kid was a little incredulous, and was all "but I mean, what about policy? Do you like the positions he stands for? What do you like about him better than the alternative?" And she said "I don't know, I just think he's a nice guy".
    Now this is the funny part. Later our elderly substitute teacher was asked the same question, and she also chose Bush. When pressed for her reasons, she crooned in her heavy Southern drawl "Well he just seems like a nice man!" Our Christian music teacher was the same, except his reasoning was that "Bush doesn't seem very smart, but he looks like he's surrounded himself with smart folks."
    That was around the time I realized that, regardless of age, there were a LOT of simple-minded people around me, all collectively perpetuating a generational cycle of stupidity. Voting is ultimately a popularity contest to them.

  • Chimera Zeta

    Chimera Zeta

     5 months ago +190

    this is so genius and filled with so much subtle anger it almost made me cry from laughing

  • Kemal Erdem

    Kemal Erdem

     5 months ago +116

    I would really want to comment that but... nobody cares what i think :)

  • Galimeer5


     5 months ago +76

    "I'm giving you the option to choose and you can't even do it"

  • Aaron Conner

    Aaron Conner

     5 months ago +46

    Really could have used some Russian influence.

  • RoastyToast


     5 months ago +27

    This is so damn true about american politics. Just look at the last republican debate where no one focused on policies and everyone tried to trash talk each other.