Choosing Things the Way You Choose Politicians

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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    Sure she's competent, but could I grab a BEER with her?


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    Rekha Shankar
    Raphael Chestang
    Ally Beardsley
    Grant O'Brien
    Annie Humphreville
    Luke Field

    Director - Marissa High
    Writer - Raphael Chestang
    Producer - Francesca McLafferty
    Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
    Director Of Photography - Luc Delamare
    HMU - Leigh Schwartz
    Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
    Editor - Eve Hinz
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  • CollegeHumor

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    Why not invite your favorite politician to come by and have a nice frosty mug of beer and watch DROPOUT with you thanks to your free trial! Surely that sounds fun and not awkward!

  • drunkdirtydanny

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    Raph looks like a ninja turtle and he is named after one. Coincedince? I think not. He is a ninja turtle disguised as a human.

  • k9pker

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    I like that Aaron Burr ... like you could grab a beer with him.

  • theunsolvedcase

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    You know that it's an American sketch when there are only two options to vote on.*Laughs in European.*

  • Thug Rose

     (May 14, 2019)

    European politics don’t matter

  • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

     (Apr 11, 2019)

    theunsolvedcase you know someone’s a pretentious european when they clearly don’t understand american politics but pretend they do

  • Stephanie Taylor

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    "I want to get drunk with everybody."This is my new motto.

  • Jimmy M

     (13 hours ago)

    +SimonTheMiner Perhaps if Hitler had a good buddy to get drunk with, he wouldn't have been such a rage filled crazy person. Think about it.

  • Dylan Elliott

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    Stephanie Taylor Grant is apparently my spirit animal 😂

  • Nathaniel Puttonen

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    This speaks to everything that annoys me about politics.

  • Jimmy M

     (13 hours ago)

    Sorry, but it's heavily generalizing. Because I didn't vote for who was more likeable. I voted for Clinton even though she's very unlikeable. Though Trump is unlikeable as well. I voted for even though I'm a conservative because she was the only qualified candidate. And Gary Johnson wasn't because he had no clue where Aleppo was, even I know where it is.

  • Darke Zheng

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    +silverdragon122 The fewer people who vote, the smaller the number of people politicians are ultimately beholden to. The smaller that number, the easier for small groups of loud special interests to control policy. Not voting = not doing your part in maintaining the integrity of your Democracy.

  • Boerica

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    I’m liking this videoBecause it looks like a school teacher

  • Mini Medley

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    Hi boercia from the destiny video content section

  • Marshall J

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    +Tyler facts. The actual video looks like a school teacher

  • Miguel Fernández

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    This is actually a very important critique, stop voting for a party because it's leader is "charismatic" or "you like him". That's what it's designed for.

  • Jimmy M

     (13 hours ago)

    In the case of 1960, the more likeable guy did turn out to be the better guy. I'm talking Kennedy over Nixon. Nixon had some serious paranoia issues. I'm not saying Kennedy is perfect. He really fucked up appointing his brother as AG. As we have seen today, we need to separate the Presidency from the justice department. You can't have a justice department that is in cahoots with the President. Back to Kennedy, his brother and him screwed up royally with the Bay of Pigs invasion.

  • Jascha Bull

     (Mar 24, 2019)

    +ya boi You saying you can't be part of the government if you're autistic?You sound like a fair-minded individual. /sarcasm

  • JC4MC

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    I get the joke now. Writers at CollegeHumor don’t get healthcare.

  • Stromjir

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    I don't think I can like this video until you all show me your birth certificates. What are you hiding?

  • K Ryuzaki

     (Mar 8, 2019)

    "Stromjir", sounds like an immigrant to me.Who are you voting for?I vote the other person.

  • CoqPwner

     (Mar 8, 2019)

    A friend of my cousin's step-father's friend said A might be a terrorist. I mean that's no proof, but I'll vote B just in case.

  • Tyler Paulson

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    "You wanna get drunk with your pilot?""I wanna get drunk with everybody"*Damn Straight*

  • Pro Tay

     (Mar 8, 2019)

    Elijah Powell damn GAY WHICH IS GOOD

  • Awesome 45

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    Parsnip Guy Grant is bi.

  • Maggie odiehenjshavw

     (Mar 6, 2019)

    “um, I’m sorry. what about her emails?”lol

  • Not Visible

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    +TheCatFace Kingdom Im saying that the severity of it is overblown and anyone who tries to make it any more than that is basing it off of knowledge that is kept from us, if it even isyou said it urself

  • TheCatFace Kingdom

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    +Not Visible Why wouldn't they publish all the emails? Thats like common sense that they didn't publish them because they were not meant for the public eye. Also what she did was still illegal so who cares a crime is a crime.