Son Of Abish feat. Nidhi Bisht & Biswapati Sarkar

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 10, 2017
  • Son of Abish is a variety comedy show with host Abish Mathew interviewing Nidhi Bisht & Biswapati Sarkar (TVF).

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  • Rishabh Razdan

    Rishabh Razdan

     7 days ago


  • Sridhar Mundra

    Sridhar Mundra

     14 days ago

    In other news segment was cool, bring it back in season 6.
    If there ever is a season 6 that is :p

  • shreyas Agnihotri

    shreyas Agnihotri

     14 days ago +1

    Biggest superstar from Odisha would be Arnab Goswami



     28 days ago

    This is my show

  • Abhijit Roy

    Abhijit Roy

     a months ago

    The compare's overacting through the roof. This is an attempt to sasta comedy



     a months ago

    wassup gariboke Conan ????

  • tomal paul

    tomal paul

     a months ago


  • Nirmala Pradhan

    Nirmala Pradhan

     a months ago

    Mr abish you can't tell like that about might have knowledge about what fucking tale u r saying......
    If the Richest person of odisha is a servivor , then what fucking things you are doing for living.

  • shivangi joshi

    shivangi joshi

     2 months ago

    Abish is doing well

  • Owais 6:16

    Owais 6:16

     2 months ago

    what a usless piece of clip was that from bhist please

  • Dinesh Nanda

    Dinesh Nanda

     2 months ago

    Great to know Biswa sir is from odisha.

  • Dilip Chavan

    Dilip Chavan

     3 months ago

    Actual video starts from 08:30👍

  • Vishal Yadav

    Vishal Yadav

     3 months ago

    Overacting🤦 Abish🙄

  • Dharampal Singh

    Dharampal Singh

     3 months ago

    Sirra Bro

  • Nilesh Pandey

    Nilesh Pandey

     3 months ago

    I love this show. Its like american tv show stephan colbert, jimmy fallon, etc.

  • Harendra Singh

    Harendra Singh

     3 months ago

    16:26 so good ! hahaha.

  • Ajith Reddy

    Ajith Reddy

     3 months ago


  • Shashi Nilopant

    Shashi Nilopant

     3 months ago

    8:38 thank me later

  • Rajat Sinha

    Rajat Sinha

     4 months ago

    Abish katai chutiya hai

  • Dilip Sinha

    Dilip Sinha

     4 months ago

    Nidhi is love 😍